Connected Lagos Edition 115; Connect With: The Investment Master Class

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Do you have a 5 year financial plan? Have you had a sitdown with financial ‘gurus’ ready to educate and help you make smart investment decisions?

If you answered no to either of these questions, the Connect With Investment Master Class is your chance! As with every edition of Connected, this will be fun too.

Do join us!

Details below:

Theme: Connect With: The Investment Master Class
Date: Saturday, August 24, 2019
Time: 5pm – 8pm
Venue: Right where you are (online access) OR together with friends (viewing centre)
Cost: Free, but preregistration mandatory (limited slots available for online access)

This is a pre-registered event with limited interactive participation slots which will be filled on a ‘first come’ basis. Registration opens on August 10 2019 @

For more information

Temi (08181582874)

Mayowa (0802 810 8820)

Bade (0802 322 3796)

or Email

Connected Lagos is a Christian entertainment and social network powered by Eden Nigeria. Currently, Connected holds at least one fun event every month in Lagos and is looking to spread to new cities and audiences. .

Connected Lagos Edition 118 – Limitless 2

Limitless! Did the movie come to mind? No this is not about that! This is about you testing your limits

… for heights … we’ve got the zip-lines …
… for endurance … we’ve got the beach …
… for speed … we’ve got the quad-bikes …
… for fun … we’ve got the whole venue …

Connected is going to Lekki Leisure Lake. Do join in the fun. ps: This would be our fastest sequel edition ever!

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Connected Lagos Edition 113: In Time


If you are Interested in meeting up for drinks, gists, laughs and maybe dinner on Friday 28th at Freedom Park … then this is for you …

Freedom Park is a top rated venue for us at Connected Lagos. No plans needed. Just show up! We will be hanging out there this June. Wondering what this is about? See this video from a previous edition at the same venue:

Do join us! Continue reading Connected Lagos Edition 113: In Time

WOWII – Connected Lagos Edition 111

What does WOW stand for? It is Walking on Water … this is the sequel … in the first version, we used a boat … this time around with support from a Kayak … we are going kayaking in Lagos. Don’t worry you only need a little FAITH … our host will provide all the safety equipments needed and some tips … after that your FATE is your own hands.

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Event Review: Saddle Up 2 – Connected Lagos Edition 110

..” use the bridle in controlling the Horse, ensure you balance well on the saddle, trust the horse, build your confidence and stay focused ”

We had loads of fun at Ikeja Saddle Club on 30th March 2019. It was all about horse riding. There were different species and colours of Horses in the stable.

The strongest breed is the local Breed (proudly Nigeria). They are good for sport and lots of activities. The most beautiful breeds are from the Caribbean and Argentina but very Lazy. Continue reading Event Review: Saddle Up 2 – Connected Lagos Edition 110

Connected Edition 109: Limitless Event Review

So February 24 was supposed to be a “beachy” edition. The plan was to go to Lekki Leisure Lake and spend the afternoon there … but then Lagos rains decided to come in all its glory … the weather forecast said it would be all clear by 2pm … so we thought …

The rains didn’t stop … actually it was only drizzling … but going to the beach was no longer an option …

So what did we do? well… Lets just say the rains can’t stop us from having fun at Connected Lagos … We switched locations … we went to Upbeat center @upbeatcentre instead (close to the initial venue) … remember the place … where there are lots of trampolines and jumping up and down … Continue reading Connected Edition 109: Limitless Event Review