FASHION SENSE : Bone Of My Bones, Flesh Of My Flesh

If i no be Afrika, i no be African.

I love beautiful well cut dressing. And I love our African designs.

The very essence of our traditional prints lies in the way it embraces the exquisitely sculptured nature endowed curve of the African queen.

But when I see the figures of a plethora of female models on our runways, fashion articles and showrooms, I worry oh.

For how long must we copy everything and everyone from everywhere except our homeland?

When are we going to fully embrace our uniqueness?

Quite a good number of ladies will mortgage their homes, and work three jobs to get the ‘bootilicious’ look. In fact, I recently learnt from a friend that Balogun market is rife with ‘instant plastic curves’- upper and lower figure enhancers.Yet our burgeoning designers continue to inundate us with the bony thin forms.

It is no problem if bony thin is your natural stature, God probably made you so for a purpose; the problem lies in taking certain measures to attain and enforce such  figures on our African terrain for the sake of fitting in i.e. to match colleagues in Milan, Paris and New York.


In the medical world we have adjectives that describe bony thin:

  • Marasmic (severe malnutrition)
  • Cachectic

In fact a few decades ago, you would have been admitted for fortified feeding via nasogastric (NG) tube!

Let us not let history repeat itself, where young western teens adopt dangerous feeding habits and lifestyles to attain this “perfect bony model look’.

I believe in healthy weights and body mass index appropriate for each individual. Any extreme measure is a ticking time bomb (as STELLA).

Embrace REAL femininity, if not for fashion sake, for the sake of female fertility, sexual pleasure for your husband without bony interruptions.

God fashioned Eve from Adam’s ribs but He never intended her to revert to the primordial bone!

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Enough said!

About Becoming His light

- After 40 years of circling the mountain, thank God for journey mercies, restoration and favor. He who began this work is faithful to complete it in me. Soro soke....

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