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The DASH 2016 Charities… one last look

We had 10 awesome and worthy causes this year.

We absolutely believe in all these causes and we hope we made you take a second look at and appreciate these awesome charities and foundations who are making Nigeria truly great. And making Jesus proud.

This is just to take a last look this year at all our DASH 2016 charities. It was awesome working with them.

We will definitely miss them.

Your Top 3 DASH 2016 Charities

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These are the top 3 causes for DASH 2016 fundraising.

Voting is still on! Its not over till it is over.

Choose a cause. Change a Life. And make a DASH for it.

(The DASH 2016 fundraising efforts will formally end on the 14th October, 2016)


DASH? In this Change?

Hey guys,

So I realized we had put out a lot of info about DASH 2016 on the site but I had not actually blogged about it. So here goes.

A few of you are wondering why we are doing this. Right now. ‘Everyone knows how the country is at the moment’…

The answer is simple, really.

Because we have to.

Things might be iffy, but we must remember that life is a lot less fun for others. Everyday. We must never forget them. Continue reading DASH? In this Change?