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I Count The Stars

I remembered this post yesterday and went looking for it- this blesses me every single time I read it. So I’m putting it up again today.

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Abraham; old, white hair all over, can’t even feel an erection

Yet God told him to count the stars, for such will be the extent of his generation

He looks at Sarah, beauty faded, all shrivelled,he looks at her stomach and shudders

Right before he starts to doubt, he steps outside and starts to wonder

Deep in thought, he looks up and right there, were the stars beautiful, innumerable

His seed, his future, his hope, the undoubting belief that God is able

He breaks out in laughter; they cannot understand the joy of a childless old man

Then it happened! The embarrassing, joyful smile of a pregnant old woman

In counting the stars, Abraham gave the unborn son a name

He named him laughter, for in believing God he had faith no doubt could tame

So when it looks like God’s promises will not come to pass

When it looks like I am about to become a farce

I head outside and I count the stars

Then I laugh long and loud because I know I will receive answers

In due time, the seed planted will bring forth fruit

It will be established in my life that my God is a father of truth.

Wale Aladejana

I saw this poem on facebook and I just had to share it. I had to. Continue reading I Count The Stars

Your Dreams Are Valid


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Dreams are pictures of the future. They give clarity of vision to our deepest hopes and if we let them, can define our existence.

Dreamers are people who have had ideas and plans, not practical or realistic most of the time, but they have been remembered for changing the very course of history… Ordinary men who literarily turn their world right side up by the power of their dream. Men who did not only dream but against all odds, dared to live the reality of their dreams Continue reading Your Dreams Are Valid