About Connected DASH 2016

(This page contains key information about Connected DASH 2016.  Interested in full details of DASH ? You can find our objective here and event review for  DASH  2014 here and for DASH 2015 here.)

Round 4 Update:

Round 4 will be ending soon.  Final Results will be announced at DASH Party on October 15th (4 – 7pm) in Yaba, Lagos.

DASH Party – The Gathering

DASH is the annual social impact program of Connected Lagos.  The fundraising rounds off with a grand finale on October 15th, 2016 with Connected DASH Party in Lagos.

Register here to attend the event: bit.ly/DASH_thegathering


This event is strictly by a free registration. Register now at http://bit.ly/DASH_thegathering

About DASH 2016


DASH 2016 is the third edition of Connected DASH. This year, our singular focus will be

raising funds for our selected charities. And having fun in the process, of course


Brief Synopsis:

10 charities: 10 charities will be selected after a nomination process to take part in DASH 2016

4 Rounds:  DASH 2016 is structured in a ‘game format’, with 4 rounds of voting. Each round has a minimum of GUARANTEED #200,000 (provided by the DASH Sponsors) to be shared EQUALLY among the charities involved. After each round, a specified number of charities will be eliminated from the game and the ‘surviving’ charities will make it into the next round.

How to vote?

To vote for your charity, simply donate any amount* directly to your charity of choice. You can vote as many times as you want.  You can also get your friends to donate with the #DASHchallenge.

*minimum valid donation (that will count as 1 singular vote)- 500 naira

You can only vote by donating directly to the charity’s dedicated DASH Account!!! (Note- the money goes STRAIGHT to the charity)

How it will work?



You can find also details about the charities selected this year here.

You can donate to your charity of choice right here  Charity Donation Page.


What is the #DASHchallenge


dash flash massage (1)

The #DASHChallenge is the extremely fun way you can get your friends/contacts to donate to your charity of choice. And of course, keep them in the game for the next round. Dont forget to tag us so that we can all have fun with it!


The DASH 2016 timeline

We started on July 15th with call for nominations. Voting proper started on September 1, 2016. There will be 4 rounds of voting with charities eliminated along the way. You can track DASH 2016 timeline here.


Our Sponsors?

Find our growing (hint, hint) list of sponsors & supporters for DASH 2016 RIGHT HERE


What are you waiting for? Find out how to vote for your Charity here.

Choose a Cause … make a DASH for it. 

And see you at the grand finale- October 15, 2016