Connected DASH 2018

(This page contains key information about Connected DASH 2018.  Interested in full details of DASH ? You can find our objective here and project review for  DASH  2014 here and for DASH 2015 here , DASH 2016 here, and DASH 2017 here)



1. Beyond The Classroom Foundation – Provides free school supplies to children in public primary schools.
Account Number : 0226471317 (GTB)
Paystack account: Dash2018_BeyondTheClassroom

2. Child Lifeline – Feeding Housing and Training street children
Account Number : 0693907974 (Access bank)
Paystack account: Dash2018_ChildLifeLine

3. Daivyan Children Cancer Foundation – Advocating for childhood cancer
Account Number : 3108051600 (Firstbank bank)
Paystack account: Dash2018_DaivyanChildrenCancerFoundation

4. Eagles Hope Foundation – Influencing Social change
Account Number : 0130557169 (GTB bank)
Paystack account: Dash2018_EaglesHopeFoundation

5. Human Development Initiatives – Strengthen vulnerable in the society (Orphans, Children of widows and children living with disabilities)
Account Number : 2072845815 (UBA bank)
Paystack account: Dash2018_HumanDevelopmentInitiative

6. The Irede Foundation – Providing limbs for child amputees
Account Number : 1013800034 (Zenith Bank)
Paystack account: Dash2018_TheIredeFoundation

7. Living Hope Care – Housing and educating children
Account Number : 1140108763 (Polaris Bank)
Paystack account: Dash2018_LivingHopeCareFoundation

8. LOTs Charity – We are about the psychological needs of street kids
Account Number : 00013423666 (GTB bank)
Paystack account: Dash2018_LoTsCharitFoundation

9. Sickle Cell Aid Foundation (SCAF) – Nigeria is the world’s SICKLE CELL capital. With your support, we can break the sickle cycle.
Account Number : 1012488295 (Zenith bank)
Paystack account: Dash2018_SickleCellAidFoundation

10. Stand to End Rape Initiative – Advocating against sexual violence
Account Number : 0031019036 (Sterling bank)
Paystack account: Dash2018_StandToEndRape

11. The Destiny Trust Children Foundation – Educate empower and care for homless children
Account Number : 0124940702 (GTB)
Paystack account: Dash2018_TheDestinyTrust

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See detailed information about each participating charity here.



What can you do for a Charitable Cause in #1minute ?

  1. Share:  share the charity’s display image with 5 friends and your Social Network. Get them to share with 5 others and also Donate.
  2. Donate: configure a monthly donation to the charity (see links above) or do a transfer to their bank account now.

Yes! You can do both of the above in #1minute or less . (We checked!)

Have you started?  What are you waiting for?  Choose a Cause , Make a DASH for it.   Do it in #1minute or less.


DASH 2018 ( #1minute ) is the fifth edition of Connected DASH. This year, our singular focus will be raising funds for our selected charities, and having fun in the process, of course. We will be leveraging on Social Media and will pay particular attention to the number of  recurrent donations  we can generate for our participating charities .

Brief Synopsis:

11 charities:  All 10 charities from DASH 2017 were readopted this year while an open nomination process presented the 11th charity.   DASH 2018 is  structured in an online only format which will be fun  , interactive, and shareable. This is complemented by an online donation interface.

How it will work?

Our generation has gotten so busy. We have gotten so busy we forget one of our responsibilities. Giving back!

This year, the plan is to encourage people to share about the charity (or charitable cause) to their social network  and also to donate  (all in #1minute or less) .

More Information ? 



You can find also details about the charities selected this year here.

You can donate to your charity of choice right here in #1minute or less. 
Just scroll up to find their account numbers or their recurrent donation links.

Our Sponsors?

Connected DASH is powered by Connected Lagos. We are currently in search of sponsors for Connected DASH 2019. It will be our biggest campaign yet. If you or your organisation will like to support, do contact us.

What are you waiting for?    Choose a Cause … make a DASH for it. Start here.