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Joy To the World


One still winter’s day, a long long time ago

The earth went about her business, the heavens too

‘It was just another night’

But they didn’t know, that night would be like none they had ever seen

For that night, a small voice would whisper…

And say ‘Joy to the World’


Earth had just put her children to bed when she heard the voice

‘Joy to the World…’

‘Is it true?’ She asked in wonder. ‘Do I dare believe it’

She rushed outside and looked to the heavens. She saw a star.

‘Oh’ She cried for joy and immediately started preparing to receive him…

…the best hospitals, a tirade of servants, a mansion…

Earth sang for joy, the first time in years.

She saw her healing.

The King is coming.


‘Joy to the World…’

Mankind was in his prison cell when he heard

His pulse quickened, then fear and uncertainty stilled it

He had been in jail for so long. Was freedom really possible?

He looked out and saw a great light in a distance

With a laugh of exultation, he pumped his fists in the air…

…he must start exercising, training… preparing for battle

He saw his release.

The Saviour is coming.


The Evil one sat drinking with Death and Hades

‘Joy to the World…’

The devil stood up slowly, disbelief etched on his feautures.

Death and hades watched, crouching in fear

‘Emmanuel?’ the devil said increduosly.

Then he heard the sound of a woman in labour

With a roar of rage which sent his minions scuttling into corner

He summoned The Strongman, captain of his guard

‘Prepare for the war of wars’

He saw his destruction.

The enemy had come.


‘Joy to the World…’

The angels about thier duties looked amongst themselves in wonder

The light of all eternity in that foul dark place?

The King of kings, a subject in that unworthy land?

Wondering at the love of the Master, the choir gathered and sang ‘Glory to God in the highest’

The warriors gathered and prepared their sickles

They saw thier triumph

A harvest was coming



‘Joy to the World…’

Jesus heard and got up from the throne. Determined.

As He removed His crown of glory, he looked down…

Earth was preparing mansions when he would have no home

Mankind was preparing his muscles when He wanted his heart

As He walked along the crystal sea to the gates, angels bowed in worship

At the gates, he paused. He saw the hatred. He saw the unbelief. He saw the whips, the crown of thorns, the cross. He saw separation from God.

But with all these, he saw other things…

For though the Earth seemed happy, she was a leper, covered with festering sores

Though Mankind was preparing to help himself, he was a cripple

He saw His death… still He saw me

‘I will save them’


As Love took a step down that day

A virgin gave birth, shepherds saw supernatural beings, wisemen bowed to a baby…

Nothing was ever the same again

History for eternity was changed that night

For ‘Joy to The World, the Lord is Come’

Boju Boju…..2


I have lost track of time,
I swapped tracking how long it will take you to find me,
For if you will ever find me.

First I made sure I couldn’t be found,
Am I not making this too difficult?
Then I let the crown of my shoe show,
Do I change my location?
And then I changed location,
Sneaking…….really hopeful you would catch me in transit.

I can’t hear footsteps anymore
I induced choking,
No one came to my rescue.

I know how I worked hard to find you,
I knew I wanted to get you,
Did you give up on me?
Did I take this too far?
Should I just become the seeker?
Would you be glad I found you instead?

Then there would be no scream,
No pure laughter
No excitement,

Just realization that you gave up,
I wasn’t worth the chase,
A lesson never to form “hard to get”
The fact that boredom led you to me,
that you don’t have to find me,
And that the game ends when you are tired.

Boju Boju


Boju Boju o

My anticipation is high,

My head calculating,

Where are you hiding?

Where would I hide if it were me?

Heart and head racing faster than my legs,

I have to find you ASAP.

You are somewhere, happy someone is in search of you,

I know you don’t want to be found ,

Yet you hope to be found.

Taking a walk/search down familiar spots,

I take a trip on memory lane,

Not my memory,


Trying to search places you would want to be found,

I know I will find you,

It might just take time.

While I walk I activate my super power


I am searching for you,

At the same time, I am painting a vivid image of the look on your face when I find you,

The scream ,

The pure laughter,

Our excitement,

And then it’s your turn……..find me if you can

No not if you can……….you have to.

i want.


one thing i’ve learnt is this;
no matter how deep you’ve gone
in knowing God,
there’s always more.
in fact,
the more you know about him,
the more you realise there is to know.

i’ve come to this place
of knowing and trusting God
that feels good.
or should i say felt good?

i’ve come from a place of comfort
in God
to a place of being lost…
and not being lost in God.

i’ve lost the;
i feel all full of flesh.

there is a burst of freshness,
albeit once in a while
but it’s not enough.
not even close.

i want that place,
of being so lost in him
that nothing else matters.
cos truly, nothing else does

i don’t want a 3-step to
knowing God…
getting back to God.

i want something;

just an us kinda thing

i want…