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Photocredit: geekologie.com

Infact, if for any reason you dont know the meaning of this word, I refuse to tell you. Go look it up. We’ll wait till you get back.

Okay, okay. Just because you are otherwise awesome, amnesia means memory loss.

It’s not just forgetting something- it is the inability to remember. Basically it is a medical condition and stems from some degree or type of brain damage.

Just for the fun of it, I’ll throw in a little bit of trivia. The brain has a memory centre. And an intelligence centre. And a personality centre. And a heart regulation centre. And a whole lot of plenty other centres. Not all parts of the brain is for thinking. (If you didnt know this, you can thank me later)

From the medical point of view, no one wants  to have amnesia. Because no one wants to have brain damage.

But dont we all have things in our past that we wish we could totally erase from our memories? And not just things that have actually happened to us. Sometimes, I have heard stories so horrific that I wish I could ‘unhear’ them. Just wipe them out totally. Delete, empty the recycle bin and format the hard disk. Continue reading Amnesia…