The DASH 2016 #DASHchallenge

You can find out about Connected DASH 2016 here.

See below for more information about the  #DASHchallenge


The Challenge:

dash flash massage (1)


Looks simple enough? Well theres only one way to find out how easy it is (or not)



The reward?

If you can,

  • your friends donate to your selected charity

If you can’t,

  • then YOU donate to a charity of your choice and  get your friends to take the #DASHChallenge


Join the #DASHChallenge

  • step 1: Choose a Charity and say Why in a Video.  There are 10 Charities participating  in DASH 2016.
  • step 2: Nominate & Mention 3 of your friends in the Video
  • step 3: say “Flash Message” 10 times in 5 secs! #DASHChallenge

Post with #DASHChallenge and Don’t forget to tag your friends.



Lets have fun with it!

Choose a Cause … make a DASH for IT !

dash 2016 charities