DASH 2016 Charity Voting System Guidelines

This page seeks to explain how the vote scoring system for Connected DASH 2016 works.

If you just want to Vote and “Go”?
To vote is simple, just make a donation to the dedicated DASH Campaign account opened by your selected charity. Every donation will count towards a vote for your charity. It is that simple. Find the DASH account details of selected charities here. 

Read on for more details

First, Why this system?
Last year, we had more people voting (traditional means)  than we had donating to their chosen charities. We decided to flip the script this year. We want people to put their money where their mouth is. Or preferably do both.

Secondly,  we wanted to reward both the quantity of donations and amount of donations per charity during DASH 2016 Campaign.

Furthermore, we also did not want large one-time donations to any charity  to unduly skew the chances of any of the other selected charities.

So we developed this new voting system.

How votes are calculated?

The pointing system is a combination of 2 key elements
i. The number of unique donations received by each of the selected charities during the round.
ii. The amount of donations received by each of the selected charities during the round.

Every selected charity has opened a dedicated sub-account for use in the Connected DASH 2016 Campaign. This account is controlled solely by the Charity. Only the charity have access to the funds in this account. Connected or DASH does not have access to this account.

At the end of each voting round (donations = voting ), we do the following:

  1. Retrieve account statement for the DASH
  2. Score every valid donation on the account to get the total votes per round per charity
    • 1 point for every valid inflow transaction in the Charity’s DASH Account.
    • 1 point for every 1,000 Naira in the Charity’s DASH Account.
    • Maximum point for any one transaction is 11 points.
  3. The total vote per charity will be then be announced.

The charity(ies) with the lowest votes are eliminated as specified for each round.

The total monetary amount raised by each charity at the end of the 4 rounds of voting will be announced during the DASH event in October 2016.

* All process will be available for independent audit.