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Friendly Fire


We all know what friendly fire is.

What is it with me and making sweeping, generalized statements?

For those that dont know what the concept refers to, its basically a phrase used in warfare when one accidentally shoots someone on their own side.

Keyword: A-C-C-I-D-E-N-T-A-L


Unfortunately, Im sure a bullet doesnt feel any less painful when the person pulling the trigger is your bff.

Infact, friendly fire is always more tragic because the victim almost never stood a chance. Because he is caught off guard.

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Ps, I Love You


Connected last Friday was a lot of fun. If you missed it- why do you keep doing this to yourself? Lol.

I wont go into the specifics of what we talked about but at some point we talked about how DIFFICULT it is to say the three magic words first: I Love You.

Lets even scale it down: “I Like You” is also one earth shattering phrase. Particularly if you are female.

Oh, the far reaching untold consequences and unknown possibilities once you let either of those phrases slip out of your mouth. Ranging from the other person taking you for granted to you becoming the laughing stock of multitudes unknown to you. Continue reading Ps, I Love You



I’m guessing a lot of people immediately recognized that the abbreviation above stands for a personality type, courtesy the Myer Briggs personality indicator types.

Wasnt life so much easier when it was just ChlorSan or SanMel or MelPhleg?

Anyway, straight to my story. A couple of months ago, I was responsible for putting together a band that would play during the Connected Dash event, together with another author on this blog. Continue reading I.N.F.P.

Tough Love

So this has been put up some weeks ago… but it was right in the middle of the DASH campaigns so I planned to put it out by itself once more.


Sounds like an oxymoron, dont it?

We all know love is supposed to be vulnerable and ‘soft’. That’s when you are referring to romantic love. In the early stages.

Love for your 5 year married, never-putting-away-his-clothes, husband might be slightly different. And of course, love for your siblings is a different animal, particularly when you were kids and teenagers.

Anyway there concept of being tough, while loving sounds like opposites.

But let us take a very slightly different turn. Instead of talking about being firm with those we love, what about those times that it is TOTALLY difficult/impossible to love those people we are supposed to love.

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