About Connected DASH 2017

(This page contains key information about Connected DASH 2017.  Interested in full details of DASH ? You can find our objective here and event review for  DASH  2014 here and for DASH 2015 here and DASH 2016 here)

DASH 2017 (#DASHchallenge) is the fourth edition of Connected DASH. This year, our singular focus will be raising funds for our selected charities. And having fun in the process, of course. We will pay particular attention to the number of  recurrent donations  we can generate for our participating charities .

Brief Synopsis:

10 charities: 10 charities were selected after a nomination process to take part in DASH 2017.  DASH 2017 is  structured in an online only format which will be fun  , interactive, and shareable. This is complemented by an online donation interface.

How it will work?

We often uphold giving as an important virtue, but the question is, HOW CHARITABLE ARE YOU?

This question is the premise of #DASHchallenge for 2017.  We are encouraging everyone to take the Survey at: connectedlagos.com/dash to find out more.

We hope at the end of process some people would choose to give to one of our nominated charities. We also hope that some would also share the link. We would like the campaign to go Viral.


We wonder how many people will get this DP?


More Information ? 



You can find also details about the charities selected this year here.

You can donate to your charity of choice right here  Charity Donation Page.

Our Sponsors?

Find our growing (hint, hint) list of sponsors & supporters for DASH 2017 RIGHT HERE

What are you waiting for?    Choose a Cause … make a DASH for it.