Connected DASH 2020 – #DashEd

#DashEd – ending illiteracy one child at a time.

(This page contains key information about Connected DASH 2020 – #DashEd.  Interested in full details of DASH ? You can find our objective here and project review for  DASH  2014 here and for DASH 2015 here , DASH 2016 here, DASH 2017 here , and DASH 2018 here )

The #DashEd Challenge

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to help raise funds to sponsor 5 children through 6 years of private education in Lagos, Nigeria.


  1. Donate to the cause.
  2. Share the image below on your social media and encourage your friends to share and donate.
  3. Share with #EducationMadeTheDifference and #DashEd.
  4. Get your social media circle to do the same.
  5. Donate to the cause. Get your friends to donate.
  6. Have fun with it and let’s send at least 5 children to school

How to Donate

You can transfer to this account :

Bank: GTB
Account Number: 0173001915
Account Name: Edenxtlifentven CONNECTED DASH

You can donate online using the Paystack Link:

Choose a Cause, make a DASH for it!

First Child – Peter

Peter is a 7 year old boy who loves going to school- finishing at the top of his class last term. But Peter was recently withdrawn from school- together with his 3 siblings.

What changed? His father died and his mother, now the sole provider for their home, is unable to keep her 4 children in school by herself.  

You can make a difference for Peter. We can make a difference for Peter. Join the #DASHEd challenge and make a donation today.

Second Child – Jamal

Jamal is a brilliant 7 year old pupil who spends most of his time out of school due to outstanding school fees. Inspite of the long gaps in his education, Jamal managed to get excellent scores at the last school examinations. How long can he keep this up? We really don’t want to find out.

The story? Jamal’s father was retrenched from work 2 years ago and has found it hard to find gainful employment. What is worse: Jamal’s younger sister has never been to school, for the same reason.

You can make a difference for Jamal. We can make a difference for Jamal. Join the #DASHEd challenge and make a donation today.

Child 3 – 5 (will unlock soon)

We will unlock the stories of the next child once the previously highlighted children have been fully funded.

About Connected DASH 2020

Connected, in partnership with Holy Kids School, Lagos, is committed to sponsoring 5 indigent children in Lagos, through 6 years of primary school education, one child at a time.

Cost of education for 1 child is around 450,500 naira for the 6 years.

The plan: Raise 5 times the cost of sponsoring one child

Timeline: To raise the funds by December 28th 2020.

#DashEd #educationMadetheDifference Campaign

To help push the message of Connected DASH this year, we are also asking you to share your own unique “education made the difference” story with 2 pictures.

See an example:


  • Create a how it started and how it’s going image of yourself using this template.
  • Share on your social media with the hashtags #EducationMadeThe Difference and #DashEd.
  • Get your social media circle to do same.
  • Donate to the cause. Get your friends to donate.

Other Charitable Causes

As part of the Connected DASH objectives, we shall be showcasing some of the other charitable causes especially those related to education at the end of this years’ campaign. You can see a sneak preview here.