Living Hope Care

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Founded in 1994 and situated in Osun State, Living Hope Care focuses on proviing essential services for vulnerable children in Osun state, which include children living with HIV/AIDS and orphans AND activities for prevention of HIV/AIDS

A total of 4485 vulnerable children (M-2098 F-2387) have been taken care of by the society so far. We house, feed, educate, provide counselling, provide medical care and empower these children economically. Thanks to DASH 2014, we were able to achieve some of our goals last year.

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And some of our work on the prevention of the spread of HIV/AIDS in our state: One of our focuses is eucating and rehabilitating commercial female sex  workers

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We have received tremendous support from institutions and well meaning individuals.

But there is so much more we need to do.

Dash 2015 Charities _ Living Hope

For more information, visit us at our corporate headquarters at

AD2 Ajegunle Street, Oke Omiru, Ilesa, Osun state.

Thank you

To Support this Charity / Charitable Cause even after DASH project ends this year, Please send your donation to:

A/c Name: Living Hope Care
Bank : First Bank
A/c No: 2017609434

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