Reflections of a Connected Traveller | 2

This a sequel of the story that started here

I woke wondering what got Lara so excited. As my eyes cleared I saw it! I am still amazed at the rare beauty of the clouds sitting on these relatively low mountains.

So close to the clouds
So close to the clouds
Resting place of the clouds
Resting place of the clouds
Beauty only God could have created
Beauty only God could have created

Up till that moment, I had never considered that Nature could be this beautiful in Nigeria … and we had not yet gotten to Obudu town. Again, I blame this on living in Lagos for about two-thirds of my life. I had the same feeling on the Connected Road trip to Erin-Ijesha waterfall in Osun and the Ikogosi warm-springs in Ekiti last year. This totally trumped that trip’s beauty. As we drove on, we took loads of pictures – each one getting more spectacular and then came to the simple realization that this wasn’t a stroke of luck … the clouds sit on the mountains perpetually!

After going through improvised speed bumps made of tree trunks by people in the small villages enroute to Obudu town, we finally got there. Temi and Nike had made hotel reservations because they were told the town was near the ranch. We considered going to check-in but since it was almost 5pm, decided to head to the ranch before they closed. That “near” was another hour. In that same hour my excitement started to wane and I had many “are we there yet” moments. Tina kept laughing at us because she had hinted early that it was quite a distance but our Google-hypnotised minds disregarded her. Yet, it was in this same hour I discovered Nike could sing and I’m not being sarcastic when I say her voice is spectacular for a banker but I remember her airport stunt more.

You see, the ranch is right inside those clouds

Right where I was seated at the back of the bus, I could feel it using a lot of power as it ascended the top of the mountain to the ranch. The clouds were getting nearer now and the spiral ride up the mountain got everybody excited again but for a short while. The beauty we had admired on the outside almost became a curse when we got to the ranch. I hear many newly-weds are faced with this same dilemma. You see, the ranch is right inside those clouds. The weather up there was not funny at all. People were clad in winter-clothing and the ranch had heaters on the inside instead of air-conditioners. And yes, in this same Naija! Even the alpha-males among us rose above their ego and ran inside the reception for comfort, some almost leaving their wives in the bus.

Some warmth at last
Some warmth at last and initial activity planning
Faith, Segun & Tina negotiating night rates for us
Faith, Segun & Tina negotiating night rates for us
Waiting for the rates to be negotiated
Waiting for the rates to be negotiated

The warmth on the inside made it very easy for everybody to recapture themselves. The ranch had closed it activities for the day so we could not do anything. After a couple of pictures, and of course mostly selfies, it was decided that we spend the night at the ranch. The only issue was it was outside our budget. Faith swung into action to negotiate with the ranch management. While she was at it, I met an Indian colleague out of the blues. Feeling sharp, he advised that we should go online and make a reservation to get about 20% discount. I turned to Faith, saw her still doing her magic and smiled back at my colleague. When she returned, we had gotten 60% discount. When I shared my testimony to the poor guy in the office, he was like “@($%&^((*)@$%“. I still don’t know how she pulled it through but there was no way I was doing 1hr back to Obudu town just to sleep. Sometimes, we really don’t know how things will turn out until we try. The bible says that the boundary lines have fallen for us in pleasant places but we won’t see it work unless we take some action and require God to show himself strong.

With accommodation settled, there was one last stop – dinner. We went to a local restaurant that was a “walking distance” according to the ranch receptionist to order for hot and fresh C/River delicacies. We were told it would take 25 minutes for our meal to be ready. After we retorted, the waiter told us what we wanted to hear: “OK, make una no worry, I go do am within 10minutes“. Like our bus distance episode, we only got water to wash our hands within those 10 minutes. The meal took about 30mins plus to prepare. However, it was a good time for laughs and I got special recognition for being able to convince the manager to serve us pepper-soup that had “finished”. The guys didn’t know what happened so I will spill it out here.

Time for some C/River delicacies
Time for some C/River delicacies

Me: (in deep voice) Guy how far? I sure say pepper-soup still dey. See as this weather chill, do something na. At all, at all, na hin bad pass.

Mgr: Bros, make I no lie, three peppersoup still dey but hin no reach una number. I no want make una come dey fight and I don tell that aunty (Faith) say hin don finish

Me: Na wa for you oh. Bring am like that na, we go settle ourselves. How long hin go take? OK, no worry. Just bring am when hin ready.

Mgr: I believe you chairman.

Unfortunately, my expectations were cut short after tasting the soup.

Phew! It was definitely an eventful long day, we retired to sleep and agreed to meet at 6.45am the next morning …

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