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FASHION SENSE : Bone Of My Bones, Flesh Of My Flesh

If i no be Afrika, i no be African.

I love beautiful well cut dressing. And I love our African designs.

The very essence of our traditional prints lies in the way it embraces the exquisitely sculptured nature endowed curve of the African queen.

But when I see the figures of a plethora of female models on our runways, fashion articles and showrooms, I worry oh.

For how long must we copy everything and everyone from everywhere except our homeland?

When are we going to fully embrace our uniqueness?

Quite a good number of ladies will mortgage their homes, and work three jobs to get the ‘bootilicious’ look. In fact, I recently learnt from a friend that Balogun market is rife with ‘instant plastic curves’- upper and lower figure enhancers.Yet our burgeoning designers continue to inundate us with the bony thin forms. Continue reading FASHION SENSE : Bone Of My Bones, Flesh Of My Flesh