Ten commandments. ………..o ye ladies

This was culled from one of the best books in my collection;  Gentle woman by Bereola Enitan.


1 *Thou shall not judge others by which thou do not posses thyself. If your only means of transportation are your Nike’s, be ye not concerned with the model of a man’s vehicle. Be not shallow if you don’t have  pool.

2* If you decide to be with a bad boy, you have no right to complain when he does bad boy things to you. Therefore I say, if a man is not macho enough for you, date a terrorist and let us know how that works out.

3* Thou shall cultivate diverse valuable friendships for if you are the smartest person in the room, you are in the wrong room.

4* Thou shall manage expectations. If you wouldn’t put a dollar bill in a broken vending machine, why would you give your all to a man who never gives you anything in return? Art thou not worth more than a dollar and some Doritos?  Possessing intellect serves no purpose if it’s abandoned in moments that matter most. Why would thou throw away logic in relationship, when thou value it in every other area of thy life? Common sense is thy heart’s condom, don’t go unprotected.

5* Thou shall not offer the least and expect the most. I declare it is illegal to demand a man be six feet, make six figures, and have a six pack if you have a bad feet, no figure and drink six packs, for I say unto you, until you meet your own checklist, please put the pen and paper down post haste.

6* Thou shall not pretend to be a single man’s wife. Thy boyfriend is not thy husband. Giving marriage privileges to a boyfriend is like giving an intern the CEO’s salary.
Thou art paying full price for partial service.

7* Thou shall not chase; when you chase a man, he is running from you. Eat that truth, swallow the reality. If thirsty, help thyself to a glass of dignity… Bon appetit

8* Thou shall not say all men are the same; thou shall say thou date the same type of men. To suggest all men are the same is to suggest God lacks creativity.

9* Thou shall pay attention; intellect is free, ignorance will cost you.

10* Thou shall not search elsewhere for what already exists within, the first greatest love thou will find is God. The second thou will find is in the mirror. ….Enjoy the view

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