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Hands up if you think all aerobics/fitness instructors have a sadistic streak somewhere in their genetic makeup.

Great. I’m not the only one who has some guy telling me to do seven more sit ups when I’m obviously 5 seconds away from ‘quenching’. I have heard the sadistic trainer is sometimes a ‘supposed-to-be-loving’ husband who took the woman’s declaration of ‘I am going to get back into my pre-baby shape’ a little too seriously.

That’s story for another day, though.

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Your Dreams Are Valid


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Dreams are pictures of the future. They give clarity of vision to our deepest hopes and if we let them, can define our existence.

Dreamers are people who have had ideas and plans, not practical or realistic most of the time, but they have been remembered for changing the very course of history… Ordinary men who literarily turn their world right side up by the power of their dream. Men who did not only dream but against all odds, dared to live the reality of their dreams Continue reading Your Dreams Are Valid

That breakpoint moment



You all know the feeling. Whether it was an elevator experience when the lights went out or when a door handle comes off and you are trapped in the room, knocking on the door, waiting for someone to rescue you. Forgive me, I live in Lagos- the stuck situation can come when you are in those types of traffic ‘wey wear iro and buba, tie gele, and dey dance alanta on top am’. You know you have ‘entered it’ when everyone switches off their vehicles and the silence on the road is almost deafening.

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