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This beautiful Saturday morning (aren’t they all beautiful!), I spent 45 minutes in Obàléndé waiting for the Bus to Berger to fill up. When it was finally full, the conductor sauntered over and proceeded to collect his money.

“Oga, you no fit collect money for road?” a man on the third row grumbled.

“Na for road I go pay Agbèrò?” The conductor retorted.

“So you knew that one since, you come just dey collect money? Someone from the back row said, disgusted. At this point, I knew how the drama would go, probably ending in a I-no-get-change argument. I was about to plug in my ear phones to drown out the noise when one madam beside me upped the ante.

Oníìranù, the time him suppose dey collect money, na that chingum geh him dey chase up and down! “ she said drawing out a long hiss.

“Na ya business?” Oga conductor challenged, stopping in his collection to face off the woman.

“Abeg dey collect your money dey go, this heat too much nah!” another passenger said.

“Abeg make I fire am! Abi you no hear the nonsense him dey talk?” Oga conductor asked.

“Ehn dey collect your money as you dey fire am nah!” the passenger said.

“Woman wrapper!” madam hissed.

“You dey jealous?” Oga conductor fired back.

“God forbid! Na your kind me I dey follow?!” Continue reading Navigator

Two Lives and a Soul by Ojay Aito # 21

two-lives-and-a-soul-ojay-aito [5341]

After a few minutes of simmering of my nerves, I began to put my brain to use. Wherever I was, I had to know of my geographically location. And more immediately, I had to find a way out of this pod I was. So far, it was a hard plexi-glass material moist with air. I could see one blurred source of blue light that momentarily flashed in the distance. I tried to figure out where I was

At first, I had used the will of force, and had tried to hit hard on the glass surrounding. I had tried to peer my vision through the glass, which was only a futile and impossible attempt. Frustration was beginning to rent through my cold naked body. I was naked.

The colour of my skin was now a few shades lighter, tending towards teal. I tried to remember how it was when I had my first time travel experience. I was Sam. But… wait did I come back as Sam? I couldn’t tell. And there was no way I would know if there was no hope of getting out of this case, or enclave. Or cell- whatever this was.

The thoughts of Sally and her grandma still lingered in my mind; and the mystery words Grandma Anna had forced me to read, still somehow clung to the ridge of my tongue. I would remember them, this I was sure, but I didn’t think it was absolutely as expedient as getting out of this cocoon I arrived in. Continue reading Two Lives and a Soul by Ojay Aito # 21

Da Fixer

Alarm rings- hubby groans next to me. I fight all natural human inclination and heave myself out of bed to turn it off. FIX

I climb out of bed. The kitchen is a mess- FIX

Breakfast needs to be made. FIX

I stare at my reflection in the mirror after my ultra quick bath and throwing on my clothes.

FIX hair. FIX face.

Hmm… this outfit looks quite drab to say the truth. FIX this; FIX that

‘Oh forgive me. I didnt quite introduce myself, did I? I am…’

One quick moment. Hubby calls. Continue reading Da Fixer