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Nigerian vehicles be like…

One thing you have got to love about Nigerians is that we are very deep people. As judged by the inscriptions on our vehicles.

I dont know why it’s just my thing- reading signs and what-nots on cars. I usually give one of my colleagues a ride to work and she is TIRED of me forever pointing out what I saw on someone’s vehicle. (Tired of that and my complaining about Lagos drivers’ penchant for injudicious use of their horns)

For some reason, reading those inscriptions just fascinate me. Like I said, it’s my thing.

And there are all sorts of them

We have the selfish ones ‘Kiku ma pa alanu mi’ (translated- may death spare those compassionate to me)

And then the at first hilarious, but now old ‘You dont have to drive so close to my rear, you know’

There’s a lot of philosophizing going on  ‘God’s time is the best’, ‘Delay is dangerous’ ‘Why worry?’ ‘Remember the son of whom you are’

And then, there’s the I’m-not-sure-what-to-do-with-this-information ‘Baby on board’ sign

There are the social messages ‘Real men dont beat their wives’

There are the prayers ‘Direct my path, Oh Lord’

And there is the boring ‘Safe journey’

The one that personally trips me up the most is ‘Oba Awon Boys’. Translated King of the Boys

I dont get this one. Like, I just cant. Why would anyone want to be King of the Boys? When some people are aiming for King of the World.

Anyway, I have a few pictures of some inscriptions. By a few, I mean 4. Turns out that its not so easy to drive and take pictures (except you are stuck in traffic behind a truck). Turns out photojournalism isn’t my thing.

IMG_0352 IMG_0355 IMG_0356 IMG_0357

If you have some interesting inscriptions, please share in the comments section. Or better still, tweet them to @Connectedlagos.

For the ambidextrous that manage to take good pictures on the road (while keeping an eye out for our friendly road ‘angels’) pictures are really welcome

Stay safe!

Stay Connected!