Be kind.


If you’re like me, there are some days when you wake up and all is right with the world.

Maybe you just got a huge payday. Or some project you’ve been working on for what feels like years works out. Maybe you find out that you finally passed an exam, or like a certain barrack boy, you finally get married.

In those moments, it is easy to be good and kind and generous to people around you. You make excuses for the flaws of people, you go out of your way to be helpful to that co-worker struggling with the work on his table, and you even give 50 Naira to the poor woman begging with twins on the street corner.
Unfortunately, those days don’t come every day. Some days you just wake up on the wrong side of the bed.

The contract didn’t pay off the way it should have and exam success is “deferred”. Then you find yourself brooding about why someone of your obvious accomplishment is still single (causing you to mutter imprecations at all those blind Christians who won’t appreciate you for who you are and question the whole waiting for the “right” person and whether you shouldn’t have settled for a certain Ayesha who worshiped the ground you walked on and…ah you get the point).

Anyways in those moments it’s much harder to be good and kind and generous. You’re less likely to make excuses for the flaws of others and be short with them; after all, they should know better.

At the colleague who is struggling with work on his table you think; “wetin concern me? I dey follow am share salary?”

And to the poor woman begging with twins on the street corner; you think “se na every day I go dey give am money?” Or in your darker moments you go as far as saying, “no be me give am belle”. Of course you don’t say these things out loud. You’re a Christian dammit!
The point of this is not to associate all thoughts in pidgin English with unkindness and meanness. Pidgin English rocks and frankly is the official language of Nigeria- as you probably found out during NYSC camp. What I’m getting at is this; any and everyone can be good and kind and generous when all is rosy and well with the world. Oh it’s extremely easy in those moments (unless of course you’re Scrooge; in which case your natural tendency is to be unkind and mean).

We excuse our moments of darkness, by saying, “I have my own issues too” (see that wasn’t pidgin). Here’s the rub. It is in those moments most of all that we need to be good, generous and kind.

If we’re only good, generous and kind in the rosy moments, how different are we from everyone else in the world? It is in our moments of darkness that our light can most shine. It is in the bitter places of life that our salt can most sweeten.

That’s it folks, that’s my point, that we try at all times to be good and kind and generous. That we be those people at work or at school people see and recognize that there’s something different about us (aka see our good works and glorify our father in heaven).

Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you

Eph 4:33 (English Standard Version)

Tough? Very. Impossible? Perhaps. But that’s what we signed up for. That’s what it means to be salt and light. And the great part is we have plenty help

I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me

Phil 4:13

Have a great week ahead.

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3 thoughts on “Be kind.

  1. To think I just read this and it absolutely resonates with a Word from yesterday…

    but really, pidgin is sweeter when being mean…not that I know anything about being mean -_-


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