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So all troublesome Lagosians are familiar with (and actually love) today’s headline.


Let me give my non-Yoruba-understanding audience a little context first. The word (phrase, actually) ‘Da pada’ is a command to give something back.

‘Return it’

And ALL SORTS of things can be returned. It can range from a defective new purchase to a ‘bad look’ the orange seller down the street gave you.

But some of the most passionate ‘dapadas’ have to do with words. Yessir. Material things come and go, bad looks come and go… but words, my  people have known for the longest time that words have power  Continue reading Dapada

Tough Love

So this has been put up some weeks ago… but it was right in the middle of the DASH campaigns so I planned to put it out by itself once more.


Sounds like an oxymoron, dont it?

We all know love is supposed to be vulnerable and ‘soft’. That’s when you are referring to romantic love. In the early stages.

Love for your 5 year married, never-putting-away-his-clothes, husband might be slightly different. And of course, love for your siblings is a different animal, particularly when you were kids and teenagers.

Anyway there concept of being tough, while loving sounds like opposites.

But let us take a very slightly different turn. Instead of talking about being firm with those we love, what about those times that it is TOTALLY difficult/impossible to love those people we are supposed to love.

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Bigger Than You Think

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I have loads of childhood memories.

One of the earliest ones I can remember is that my parents had some people over, and then I voiced an opinion which all the adults laughed about.

I then proceeded to deliver a line, which I obviously didnt know would be the subject of my parents teasing for decades to come:

‘Its not a laughing matter’ I opined solemnly.

I was about 4 years old.

The adults laughed harder.

No one can remember what it was I said in the first place. But it seem no one can forget my insistence that my opinions were indeed very valid. I’m sure they were, to me. I am sure I couldnt think anything could be real beyond the confines of my four year old wealth of experience and wisdom.

My dad still teases me with ‘It’s not a laughing matter’ till date. But now, I laugh along with them.

The point is, we inevitably grow and know a more than we knew before.


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‘A moment of silence for our brothers stuck in the friendzone’

We had a veeerrrryyyy interesting Connected hangout earlier this year where we discussed zoning.

Incase you’ve been living under a rock  for the past few years, or you are of a certain generation (I dont know what age that generation starts from), zoning essentially refers to when two single people of the opposite sex are good friends and somehow, can be nothing more.

As in, you didn’t even consider asking God or thinking twice about it. They just cant.

Why? Because he’s just my friend.

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Word Count

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Instructions to keep quiet are everywhere.

From the ‘Silent’ signs in theatres and libraries to the wise quotes on ‘silence speaks louder than words’ and ‘you say it best when you say nothing at all’, we seem to need to be constantly reminded that we need to put a 3leash on our tongues and voice boxes.

One of the ‘tightest’ silence quotes I know is the yoruba ‘Eyin l’oro’ (words are eggs, when broken cannot be put together again).

And they are all very true.

BUT. It is not the whole story. We are constantly being reminded NOT to speak, what of when we should NOT be silent? Continue reading Word Count

i want.


one thing i’ve learnt is this;
no matter how deep you’ve gone
in knowing God,
there’s always more.
in fact,
the more you know about him,
the more you realise there is to know.

i’ve come to this place
of knowing and trusting God
that feels good.
or should i say felt good?

i’ve come from a place of comfort
in God
to a place of being lost…
and not being lost in God.

i’ve lost the;
i feel all full of flesh.

there is a burst of freshness,
albeit once in a while
but it’s not enough.
not even close.

i want that place,
of being so lost in him
that nothing else matters.
cos truly, nothing else does

i don’t want a 3-step to
knowing God…
getting back to God.

i want something;

just an us kinda thing

i want…

The real first commandment- Rule Your World

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“God blessed them: “Prosper! Reproduce! Fill Earth! Take charge! Be responsible…”

Gen 1:28 (The Message Bible translation)

Okay, I’m sure you were waiting to see what translation I was going to pull out that was going to literally write that. But humor me, switch in those words instead.

What would your response be?

“Who, me? You do know my name isnt Obama, Dangote or Gates, right? Honestly, I would be very content if I could just go through one week without someone scratching my car or leaving a bump in it where I park it at my place of work. That would be totally fine”

Ever felt like that sometimes? That our life is totally at the whim of God, fate and a funny combination of both factors?

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