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Reflections of a Connected Traveller | 1

Connected Lagos organized a road trip to Calabar in July, 2015. It was a totally amazing trip, we had so much fun and returned safely to Lagos.

But I figure that you are not reading this to hear something as boring as that, so what about I tell you my own version of the trip? Obviously, I can’t recollect the events that happened while I was asleep or almost frustrated during our 25-hour total road time but I do have some pretty good memories. *filing my gist blade*

Like every other fun trip, the day started with so much excitement but I had a different grand plan: last-minute packing, get to the airport early and sleep on the way to Obudu from Calabar. The problem was I did not factor how this would work out with the diverse Connected crowd that came for the trip. At 5.30 am, “Olori oko” Bade gave me a wake up call sounding all excited and wanting to know if I was almost heading out. I had barely even woken up. By the time I was heading out, I got Whatsapp chats from others that had already arrived at the airport. Oh boy, the panic became real … and I still had to make a stop at a woman house Continue reading Reflections of a Connected Traveller | 1