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Marriage Rules: How not to…

this post is written by a sister of mine – abeni, who makes me feel like an ‘oyinbo’. teamskindudu. she blogs at abenistales.com.

go on read and i’ll see you in the comments section.

photo credit: samanthafoxlmft.com
photo credit: samanthafoxlmft.com

It is prayer time in church on this beautiful Sunday afternoon, and Pastor says “hold the hand of the person next to you and pray for God’s blessings into his or her life”. So, I grab the hand of the handsome man sitting beside me, then I heard him say “dear Lord bless this *insert an ijinle Yoruba insult* I’m holding” I opened my eyes, apparently he was staring at me when he said it, hence our eyes met, we burst into laughter and then continued with the prayers on a serious note. Only one person can say that and make me laugh… my husband.

Truth is I am no marriage expert but from experience, I know what works and what doesn’t work. We are now in the days where marriage looks and feels like so much hard work. The married seem to be enduring while the unmarried are scared to make the commitment. Continue reading Marriage Rules: How not to…