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Me, me, me….

Everyone with a two or three year old is probably having a refresher course in what these 3 same words put together mean. Those kids ehn, they KNOW the world revolves around them. It is all about them, what they want, how they want it…

The ‘me supremacy’ of kids that age- it would be mindblowing if parents were not more exhausted trying to maintain some form of sanity in their lives.

But it does still blow the mind every once in a while. Continue reading Me, me, me….

Word Count

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Instructions to keep quiet are everywhere.

From the ‘Silent’ signs in theatres and libraries to the wise quotes on ‘silence speaks louder than words’ and ‘you say it best when you say nothing at all’, we seem to need to be constantly reminded that we need to put a 3leash on our tongues and voice boxes.

One of the ‘tightest’ silence quotes I know is the yoruba ‘Eyin l’oro’ (words are eggs, when broken cannot be put together again).

And they are all very true.

BUT. It is not the whole story. We are constantly being reminded NOT to speak, what of when we should NOT be silent? Continue reading Word Count

Your Dreams Are Valid


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Dreams are pictures of the future. They give clarity of vision to our deepest hopes and if we let them, can define our existence.

Dreamers are people who have had ideas and plans, not practical or realistic most of the time, but they have been remembered for changing the very course of history… Ordinary men who literarily turn their world right side up by the power of their dream. Men who did not only dream but against all odds, dared to live the reality of their dreams Continue reading Your Dreams Are Valid