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Your Top 3 DASH 2016 Charities

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These are the top 3 causes for DASH 2016 fundraising.

Voting is still on! Its not over till it is over.

Choose a cause. Change a Life. And make a DASH for it.

(The DASH 2016 fundraising efforts will formally end on the 14th October, 2016)


DASH 2016 Round 2 Elimination Results

This is announcing the final 5 charities which will be progressing to the 3rd round of the DASH 2016 Charity Fundraising:

  • Daivyan Children Cancer Foundation
  • Child Life Line
  • Beyond the Classroom
  • Living Hope Care foundation
  • Human Development Initiatives


This is how the charities did after round 2



DASH 2016 Round 2: Proudly sponsored by Personal Assistant


Make a DASH for It!

Loading DASH2016…. remembering 2015

The third installment of DASH is around the corner- The Connected charity campaign to raise 10 million naira for charity in the most fun way ever!

Can we remind you how DASH 2015 went?


DASH 2016 is here- reloaded. DASH on wheels. DASH on steroids. DASH with a capital ‘D’

Trust me, you didn’t see this one coming.

Watch this blog for more details….

Make a #DASH for it