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Event Review: Saddle Up 2 – Connected Lagos Edition 110

..” use the bridle in controlling the Horse, ensure you balance well on the saddle, trust the horse, build your confidence and stay focused ”

We had loads of fun at Ikeja Saddle Club on 30th March 2019. It was all about horse riding. There were different species and colours of Horses in the stable.

The strongest breed is the local Breed (proudly Nigeria). They are good for sport and lots of activities. The most beautiful breeds are from the Caribbean and Argentina but very Lazy. Continue reading Event Review: Saddle Up 2 – Connected Lagos Edition 110

Connected Edition 109: Limitless Event Review

So February 24 was supposed to be a “beachy” edition. The plan was to go to Lekki Leisure Lake and spend the afternoon there … but then Lagos rains decided to come in all its glory … the weather forecast said it would be all clear by 2pm … so we thought …

The rains didn’t stop … actually it was only drizzling … but going to the beach was no longer an option …

So what did we do? well… Lets just say the rains can’t stop us from having fun at Connected Lagos … We switched locations … we went to Upbeat center @upbeatcentre instead (close to the initial venue) … remember the place … where there are lots of trampolines and jumping up and down … Continue reading Connected Edition 109: Limitless Event Review

Connected edition 81… ConnectWith Steve Harris

So last Saturday- we Connected With the EdgeCutioner himself- Mr Steve Harris.

You need to listen to him- that’s all I’m going to say.

So we had major fun (and major good food too) at 411 restaurant, Victoria Island Lagos.

Here are a few of the pictures.Watch out for more pictures on our Facebook page.

In the meantime, Stay Connected (and stop dulling yourself)

Connected Edition 78 in pictures

Hey guys!

So last Sunday, we had our very first Cookout edition- and it was AWESOME!!!

Seven course meal things happened PLUS we had so much fun…

I love these Connected people, I really do.A big shoutout to Mr, Mrs AJ and Pineapple Joke for ‘gatting’ this one.

Feast your eyes on these for the meantime. Video and pictures will be put up on Facebook later.

Stay Connected and have a splendid month ahead!


Connected Edition 77 in pictures

So- Friday night Zumba was off the charts!

Great ambience at the Society for Performing Arts of Nigeria studio in marina, we had an awesome tutor (who knew how to make us werk it) and of course, we had a great time Connecting…

I must confess that getting out of bed was pretty hard on Saturday sha. And Sunday. And Monday- lol. But we had loads of fun.

Just a few of the pictures. I’ll put up a video sometime later.

Stay Connected and have a great rest of the week ahead.

Connected House Visit Numero Uno

So, we Connected peeps have decided to be even more connected this year…

I mean its great to hang out, have fun, do real talks, go on trips, raise funds for charity and all the numerous awesome stuff we get to do together.

Yet in Oliver Twist mode, we’ve added yet another dimension to our Connectedness- the House Visit.

No schedule of activity, no Connected agenda- just a good old fashion Sunday afternoon visit.

Needless to say, we had quite a good time.

And we all literarily got to write on a wall. A real wall. An actual wall.

Feast your eyes on just a few of our pictures…

Stay Connected!

Ps: Have a great month ahead!