Who we are

About Connected


Connected is a Christian Social Network and Entertainment Initiative powered by Eden.

We organise series of events and projects designed to create and maintain both a “vertical” connection (between God & Man) and a “Horizontal” connection(between Man & Man) . Connected was born out of the need to create an alternative platform for networking with Christian friends (and friends of friends) with similar interests and combining it with Christian Entertainment.

Editions of Connected can hold at various settings based on the specifics of the planned events, activities and audience. Typical past editions of Connected (over 60 so far) have been designed with various activities including boat cruises, dance, Karaoke/Open Mic, Barbeque Nights, and many more.

Currently, Connected holds at least one fun event every month in Lagos but is looking to spread to new cities and audiences.

You can find our programme for the year and some recent updates and stay in touch by:

Following us on Twitter, @Connectedlagos twitter.com/connectedlagos

Liking our page on Facebook facebook.com/connectedlagos

Follow us on Instagram instagram.com/connectedlagos

See Connected Lagos Contact Information here. You can also visit our mother ministry:  Eden Nigeria (Christian Lifestyle + Entertainment Ministry).

Stay Connected!

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