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the top 10 things i hate about being single

There i said it- being single, when you dont want to be, can be hard.

I mean, i appreciate being able to come home tired and decide all i will do before going to bed is watch Gilmore girls for like the 4th time. And I appreciate that I have a lot of ‘Me’ time that I can dedicate to the things that are truly important to me. And yes, I really, really appreciate being able to call my family and saying’Hey guys, I got this 10 month opportunity in Tanzania which I really want to explore so… adios amigos’


2 good people are better than one (Bible; 1 chases 1000, 2 chases 10000).

Plus… (I was just about to quote this really great line from ‘Shall We Dance’ but I’ll save it for when I use the quote as the title of one of my writeups- its that awesome)

Plusss. That romance part- i want, i want, i want.

Plussss. Babies.

Plussss. I want to be building my life with someone special. Even if its hard.

Anyway, I’m going to put down the top ten things I hate about being single.

And I’m going to start with…
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editor’s pick 2016: Cougar Town

I over really loved this one- the ‘accidental Cougar story’. Lol

JS32442685 (1)

“Hey Babes, can you pass me a fiver?” Noah called out to me.

We were at a KFC Drive-Through and he had his head stuck out his window to place our order.

I love KFC chicken and I think it is the Holy Grail of chicken and if anyone dares disagree with me on that, I’ll be bringing out the claws. So, this beautifully freezing Saturday morning, I made him drive through Clapham Common despite the traffic we were bound to face, all so I could get my chicken-fix.

“I haven’t got a fiver.” I said as Beyonce’s Smash Into You came on the radio. The moment couldn’t have been anymore perfect. I had my favorite person in the world, Robb Howard seemed to be reading my mind and I was two minutes away from chicken-heaven, Ah-mean, what more could a girl ask for?

“Will a twenty do?” I asked.

“Nah, can you check the cubbyhole?” he replied.

I reached into the cubbyhole and made a face at the junk inside of it. I was crazy about the guy and he ranked up there along with my beloved KFC chicken (which really is saying something) but mehn, his car was the stuff of nightmares.

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So all troublesome Lagosians are familiar with (and actually love) today’s headline.


Let me give my non-Yoruba-understanding audience a little context first. The word (phrase, actually) ‘Da pada’ is a command to give something back.

‘Return it’

And ALL SORTS of things can be returned. It can range from a defective new purchase to a ‘bad look’ the orange seller down the street gave you.

But some of the most passionate ‘dapadas’ have to do with words. Yessir. Material things come and go, bad looks come and go… but words, my  people have known for the longest time that words have power  Continue reading Dapada

It wasn’t you. It was me

Confession time (bell ringing)

So I was driving one night on one of those Lagos roads that both sides of it double as carparks. Anyway, needless to say, the road had been reduced to one lane and I soon found myself directly facing an oncoming vehicle.

One of us had to reverse.

No problem, I’ll do it.

As I started maneuvering, I noticed that the other car’s full headlight was on- shining right into my eyes.

Maybe the tiredness got to me. But I momentarily snapped and started gesticulating furiously to the other driver.

Isnt it common courtesy when you are face to face with another car to dim your full lights?

My ‘tormentor’ obliged and dimmed his light. Continue reading It wasn’t you. It was me

Nigerian vehicles be like…

One thing you have got to love about Nigerians is that we are very deep people. As judged by the inscriptions on our vehicles.

I dont know why it’s just my thing- reading signs and what-nots on cars. I usually give one of my colleagues a ride to work and she is TIRED of me forever pointing out what I saw on someone’s vehicle. (Tired of that and my complaining about Lagos drivers’ penchant for injudicious use of their horns)

For some reason, reading those inscriptions just fascinate me. Like I said, it’s my thing.

And there are all sorts of them

We have the selfish ones ‘Kiku ma pa alanu mi’ (translated- may death spare those compassionate to me)

And then the at first hilarious, but now old ‘You dont have to drive so close to my rear, you know’

There’s a lot of philosophizing going on  ‘God’s time is the best’, ‘Delay is dangerous’ ‘Why worry?’ ‘Remember the son of whom you are’

And then, there’s the I’m-not-sure-what-to-do-with-this-information ‘Baby on board’ sign

There are the social messages ‘Real men dont beat their wives’

There are the prayers ‘Direct my path, Oh Lord’

And there is the boring ‘Safe journey’

The one that personally trips me up the most is ‘Oba Awon Boys’. Translated King of the Boys

I dont get this one. Like, I just cant. Why would anyone want to be King of the Boys? When some people are aiming for King of the World.

Anyway, I have a few pictures of some inscriptions. By a few, I mean 4. Turns out that its not so easy to drive and take pictures (except you are stuck in traffic behind a truck). Turns out photojournalism isn’t my thing.

IMG_0352 IMG_0355 IMG_0356 IMG_0357

If you have some interesting inscriptions, please share in the comments section. Or better still, tweet them to @Connectedlagos.

For the ambidextrous that manage to take good pictures on the road (while keeping an eye out for our friendly road ‘angels’) pictures are really welcome

Stay safe!

Stay Connected!

Marriage Rules: How not to…

this post is written by a sister of mine – abeni, who makes me feel like an ‘oyinbo’. teamskindudu. she blogs at abenistales.com.

go on read and i’ll see you in the comments section.

photo credit: samanthafoxlmft.com
photo credit: samanthafoxlmft.com

It is prayer time in church on this beautiful Sunday afternoon, and Pastor says “hold the hand of the person next to you and pray for God’s blessings into his or her life”. So, I grab the hand of the handsome man sitting beside me, then I heard him say “dear Lord bless this *insert an ijinle Yoruba insult* I’m holding” I opened my eyes, apparently he was staring at me when he said it, hence our eyes met, we burst into laughter and then continued with the prayers on a serious note. Only one person can say that and make me laugh… my husband.

Truth is I am no marriage expert but from experience, I know what works and what doesn’t work. We are now in the days where marriage looks and feels like so much hard work. The married seem to be enduring while the unmarried are scared to make the commitment. Continue reading Marriage Rules: How not to…

Mind Games

photocredit: telegraph.co.uk

I had to do a little course on Social Marketing a few weeks ago.

We had this particularly interesting advertising session which showed how many of ‘our choices’ are really not ours at all.

Case in point, when you consider how much we’ve been bombarded with pictures of a cold, sweating bottle of coca cola, after a hot day at work (like coke is any good when you are really thirsty), all complete with smiling, successful people drinking it, then you cease to wonder why we have a lot of ‘coke addicts’ out there.

The advert above takes it even further. You don’t just want coke, you actually need it. No words necessary. Subconsciously, some people just said ‘Nna mehn, coke is never going to go bankrupt as long as I’m alive’

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photocredit: sites.psu.edu

Hands up if you think all aerobics/fitness instructors have a sadistic streak somewhere in their genetic makeup.

Great. I’m not the only one who has some guy telling me to do seven more sit ups when I’m obviously 5 seconds away from ‘quenching’. I have heard the sadistic trainer is sometimes a ‘supposed-to-be-loving’ husband who took the woman’s declaration of ‘I am going to get back into my pre-baby shape’ a little too seriously.

That’s story for another day, though.

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