About DASH 2015

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DASH is essentially a three-in-one project, comprising of a pre-event fund raiser, 5km charity walk/treasure hunt and a musical event, holding on October 10, 2015. DASH is the annual social impact program of Connected Lagos.



Because we should, because we can- DASH was introduced so that we might all do our bit in empowering and supporting charity organizations and charitable causes.


One of our objectives is to raise collectively Ten million naira (NGN10, 000, 000) for the 5 nominated charities during the course of Connected DASH project.



The project is broken down to two major stages;

  • A pre-event Charity Fundraiser
    • #ConnectedDASH Campaign – Completed
    • #DASHforCharity Campaign – Ongoing
    • DASH Demo & Media Shoot (June 13, 2015) – Completed
    • Team fundraising Effort – Ongoing
    • Ticket Sales for The Gathering – Ongoing


  • The Main Event (October 10, 2015)
    • A district wide treasure hunt / charity-walk organized in teams of 5 with stops over in some of the proposed charity locations.
    • The Gathering – A fun music, dance & comedy event to mark the end of the fundraiser.

dash coming soon

The treasure hunt will be on the morning of the main event. The winning team wins more money for their selected charity.

The event will end with a music, dance & comedy event called “the Gathering”.   This will be the single gathering point for all participants. People interested in the concert alone will also be welcomed, however they will be required to make a donation to the charities. All monies donated will go to any of the selected 5 charities.

The Selected Charities (DASH 2015)?

During the Pre-event stages of DASH, various charities / charitable causes were  nominated by our social network.  Find below the approved & verified  Charities / Charitable Cause for DASH 2015. The Charity selection process  commenced earlier in the year with some online voting slots.


Key details about each Charity is available here.

What can you do?

Be a part of it. Your input does not have to be limited to financial contributions- time, money, skills, assets. You CAN do something.

For DASH, You can Start a Team , Join a Team or Support a Team. The project is also open for partnerships,  support and sponsorship considerations.

You can make your donations directly to the Charity (see each Charity’s Details) or to the Designated Connected DASH Account Number as follows:

Account Name: Eden Connected DASH   Bank:  GTBank  Account Number: 0173001915
(Please indicate which Charity and/or DASH Team you are supporting to enable quick reconciliation)

You can also donate online to the Charity Pool of Fund by visiting:  http://bit.ly/DASH4Charity .  Each charity has an online direct donation page as part of the project.

Most importantly, Be aware of and commit to supporting  less privileged people and charitable causes in a sustainable manner. Because you SHOULD.

DASH now open for sponsorship

Support & Sponsorship?

Click here to see the list of DASH 2015 Sponsors so Far.  Contact Us to Support DASH!

Past Edition? 

If you are looking for information on past edition of DASH, then Click here to see a quick overview of DASH 2014 Edition.

Are You Ready to Register for DASH? 

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Charity Fundraising has not been so much fun. Make a DASH for it!

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