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25 thoughts on “DASH 2015 Charity Online Voting

  1. Jaine Initiative has made so much effect on lives. I’m so glad the team has gotten this far! More strength guys! So grateful and happy that you have the love of the poor, old, young, handicap et al at heart! God bless The Jaine Initiative!


  2. Its amazing to see how much love people are out to give. To see how much hope The Jaine Initiative has helped to give brings joy to my heart. With such ngos and strong support from organisations I’m hopeful that the next generation will come into a better world. God bless your hearts


  3. Please vote for The Jaine Initiative, they organise commendable humanitarian projects and pet projects throughout the country and in your communities. They look out for the helpless, and give them a voice when they can’t speak


  4. The Irede foundation has given hope to the physically challenged and given us more reasons to believe that they have a better place to contribute more in the society with our support..More walks coming this year


  5. Fantastic Initiative! Please, kindly vote BEYOND THE CLASSROOM FOUNDATION… Partnering with primary schools in Lagos, they definitely need our support. Kindly vote for them. Thank you!


  6. Yomi Adesoji Paseda Foundation renders free legal services to the indigents. She has an undying passion to give succour to gender based violence victims.


  7. I call on all social entrepreneurs alike, to join hands in casting their votes for BEYOND THE CLASSROOM FOUNDATION… A NGO committed to improving teaching and learning of pupils in public primary schools.


  8. Please join Yomi Adesoji Paseda Foundation in bringing smiles to the faces of the poor, trodden and the sexually abused by supporting her mission of rendering free legal services such as Consultation, Alternative dispute resolution,Negotiation,educative programmes,legal representation when necessary to these categories of people and many more


  9. I am so glad THE JAINE INITIATIVE is getting the love and support they have given to the less privileged in more folds here, I pray they stay at the top, and God grants them the will and power to continue what they do best, which is showing love to the less privileged


  10. The Irede Foundation gives hope to the hopeless and creates an avenue for the underprivileged child who is limb challenged to have a future. Way to go TIF! God bless.


  11. The Irede Foundation has done and is doing a lot to give hope to child amputees. Every child deserves to know that they can win in life. Be what God created them to be. Please vote!


  12. I am a medical doctor who has personally been astonishes at how much hope the Irede foundation has done to children with cancers and other extreme health challenges warranting amputation. Surprisingly, many children are on an ever-increasing queue, awaiting financial support for chemotherapy,hospital bills, PROSTHESIS amongst other things. Irede has an endless list of this kids , I implore u all to reach out to these kids and not exactly Irede foundation.
    Fortunately, these kids only know one name … not the doctor, not me , not you , just IREDE FOUNDATION !!!


  13. I have seen irede foundation from afar and I am seeing them closely too…..give your able hands to help irede foundation .we am all make it happen.


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