Connected Lagos Edition 122 – It’s all Connected – Post Event Review

It’s all Connected … this was the theme of the April 2020 Virtual edition of Connected Lagos. We had a fun time (as usual).

After a few technical issues playing some of the past Connected Video, the event started properly with introductions … Share your name, what you do and your lockdown diary …
We had some pretty interesting ones, from people who are working harder now than ever before (with no closing time), to people who have been binge-watching series till 4am.

Up next was our virtual dance session … but network connection didn’t let this happen.(maybe next time?). Charades was not going to work too … so it was time for a super easy riddle but many people were too biased to get it. (Try the riddle here: ).

Seye, our resident magician was up next. He started by declaring that he is born-again oh … and then started doing some really spooky things … how did he know that persons’ card (over a conference call oh) … and then he got someone’s secret number … ah!!! … you can catch the video recording of some of the tricks here:

We played a few more games like the “Name of Game” and that was fun too.

The final word was about how everything happening in our life is all connected to God’s plan for us … and that He even uses the foolish things to confound the wise … however, a prayer we should always pray is that God should open the eyes of our understanding so that we will “see”. We had a few testimonies too.

In all (virtual) Edition 122 was really fun … do join us for the May 2020 Edition … it will likely be virtual too!


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