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Bestie of Life

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no! This can’t possibly be happening!

I was having a heart attack, cross my heart and hope to die. Really. I refreshed the Internet Explorer window again and tried to open the word document. I got the same error message that the file I was trying to open was corrupt and could not be opened. I ejected the flash drive and tried it on another laptop. Same results.

Kai! T’emi bami!

That wretched stick of a thing had somehow gobbled up my project and I was due to show it to my Supervisor. Unfortunately for me, my supervisor is stationed at Idi-Araba, not Akoka, so I always have to make the dreaded weekly visits there to meet with him. And if you had a sadistic supervisor like mine, you would realize that you didn’t even need a ‘world-people’ flash drive for him to do you ‘strong thing’.

In fact, my predicament would have him doing cartwheels in glee.

There was only one person that came to mind in that instant and I called her up immediately, knowing she would have a solution sha.


“Hey what’s up!”

“I need your help.”

“What’s the matter?”

“Please tell me you’re still at home.”

“Why, what’s wrong?”

“My stupid flash is corrupted! And I have to show Ajayi my Chapter six today!”

“Wow! “

“Everything is on my desktop at home. I just need someone to send it to me.”

“Okay, let me see…”

“You’ve left already abi?”

“Yeah but don’t worry about it.”

“Ah, how will you do it now?”

“Shebi you can access your emails from Idi-Araba now?”

“Yes but I don’t want to put you out like that oh, I’ll just rush back and pray that there’s no traffic.”

And Dr. Ajayi will gladly kick me out of his office for being late.

“Don’t worry, I’ll email it to you.”

“Are you sure?”

“Of course! Don’t worry about it.”

“You’re simply the best!” I gushed, relief washing over me.

“Haha, and I know it!”

“Thanks a million, I owe you big time!”

“Yup you do! Give me like twenty minutes.”

“Okay, oshey ore mi!”


What ever would I do without that girl?

Bimpe is simply the best friend and sister anyone could ask for. She is the Martha to my Mary in the practical sense of it. She is as organized as I’m scatter-brained and the thing with my project is just one of many instances where she’s come in and saved the day.


Who went to face off my Landlord when he suddenly decided to disconnect me from power supply? Who plans our shopping and cooks for the week on weekends? Who helped me pick out the dress to wear to my class Dinner? Who helped me sort things out when my junk-heap of a car was burgled and my laptop and handbag stolen? Me, I just had a total meltdown. Who was there to kick my butt through second semester exams last year when I lost my mum?

Now you’re starting to get the gist.


We had been roommates in Moremi in year three and we got along so well even though we were in different faculties. We decided to step up to the Big Girls level in our final year, so we got BQs in Ozolua and stayed just around the corner from each other.

We were more than Besties, she was more like the sister I always wished I had. I had even introduced her to the Connected Family and she had been a big hit. She had dazzled at the cookout and when the, ahem, Landlord put her on the hot seat, I was beaming with pride as I read the chat. She got the keys to her mansion straight off. That was why I was doubly excited when Capt’n Zii gave me gist of this road trip to Ghana. When I got back home that day, I was bursting to tell her the news.

“Connected is organizing a road trip to – wait for it!!” I started dramatically and she laughed. I started to make dramatic drumming sounds.

“Hope everything went well with your supervisor?” she asked and I ignored her. That one was past tense joor. I was talking legendary stuffz here and she’s bringing up Mr. Ogre.


“Wow nice!”

“Yup, yup.”

“Gee, can I come?”

“Of course! Why do you think I’m telling you? Zii has warned me not to show my face if you’re not there too!”


“I’ve thought the whole thing through.” I said and she gave me a dubious look. Everyone knows I’m soooooo not the planner. “We have to go by air, but we can save cost if we share a room. We can also save on feeding by taking some edibles along. Then we can…”

“Really? We’ll share a room?” she interrupted. “The both of us?”

“Yeah. We could save more money if we got a bigger room and shared with two other people but I guess it’ll be better if it’s just two of us. The cost shouldn’t be too bad and I’m sure we’ll be fine. Worst case, I’ll pull the Baby-Sis-card with my Brother and get some money off him.”

“You’re willing to do that for me?!” She asked getting all mushy. Bless her, she was such a sentimental wuss.

“Of course! It’s going to be such an amazing trip, we’re going to have such fun!” I said literally bouncing off the walls in excitement. I gave a silly little laugh and she laughed too, getting infected with my excitement. Then she threw her arms around me and kissed me smack on the lips.

“I love you Boo, I’m so glad I found you.” She said earnestly.

Say what?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I pulled back from her, totally lost for what to do or say!