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Strong thing

I’m already chuckling at the thought of trying to explain this phrase. Okay, I’m not even going to try.

I’ll use it in context though

‘She do me strong thing’. This is an acceptable phrase to use after your girlfriend calls you that her car broke down on a bridge and you drive 2 hours (in traffic) to get to her to find out she has left- the car started working again and she has a perfectly good reason why she couldnt tell you (no signal or phone died or she didnt know you were coming works).

This might be a bit of an exaggeration though.

Its hard to explain but I know’strong things’ are not supposed to be wicked or malicious. They are just strong. Lol.

Anyway, someone said something that got me really thinking a little while ago. I’ll paraphrase:

‘The only thing separating you from your next level might be some strong decisions you are refusing to make’

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