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Pain is Gain?

Back when I was in Secondary school, hair attachments and weavons made a splash into Nigerian salons. It was a very slow splash though initially as many churches considered it devilish and ‘Jezebelish’ and… lets not digress. Back to the weaves. Initially,the salons werent sewing them unto the hair (like is done now) but sticking them on.

With what?

Sometimes glue.

Sometimes hot wax.

Yeah you heard me. Some poor girl would be squeling and crying while melted hot wax was applied to her scalp and all the hair attendants cooed at her and asked her to bear it.Thankfully, I never went through that and my scalp hurts right now just thinking about what women have gone through in this pursuit of beauty.

My friend happened to be in a salon one day where some lady was getting her ‘fine put on’ and the lady in questiom was maybe unusually waily and loud. The salon owner had been very surprised at the noise and had said.

‘Why are you crying? You no know sey yanga dey pain?’ (Dont you know that to be beautiful is painful?)

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Wednesday Word!


 Come to me with your ears wide open. Listen, for the life of your soul

is at stake. I am ready to make an everlasting covenant with you, to

give you all the unfailing mercies and love that I had for King David.

Isaiah 55:3

The Living Bible translation


Photocredit: dreamstime.com

The price of everything

3 Photocredit: getaawayisland.files.wordpress.com

‘Everything has a price’

I visited the city of Jos, in Plateau state, last week. During my stay, we had an excursion to the Zoo and national museum and it was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. It is always interesting to actually see some of my history, as a Nigerian. From the idols to the weapons and tools, I had a pretty good time there.

One thing that really struck me was the different currencies that had been used by different civilizations in Nigeria. I had always known the cowries, but this time, instead of showing me some shells that mean nothing to me; the museum quantified them and gave them value.

A little bowl of cowries in the glass shelf was said to have been the cost of a slave or a wife (same price o, if you can imagine). A few iron rods (known as the manila, I think), were worth a cow.

Obviously, since time immemorial, man has always sought to place value on things and the best way to do it is to put a price tag on it. The more difficult it is to pay that price, the more valuable the thing was.

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Quid Pro Quo

I love listening to music- instrumental music, that is. More specifically, smooth jazz and classics, just incase someone here  has been wondering what gift they could give me for being an ‘oh-so-awesome’ blogger in chief.



Anyway, I digress. One of my favorite ever pieces is Chariots of Fire. While I’m tempted to gush about how beautiful and uplifting the music is, I’ll limit myself to telling you that the unusual name of the music led me to do a little research about it.

It’s the music score of a film by the same name which tells the beautiful story of Eric Liddell, a Scottish olympian who refused to run in the 1924 100m Olympic race he was favored to win a gold medal in BECAUSE one of the qualifying races fell on a Sunday. And Sunday is the Sabbath- a day consecrated to God. Continue reading Quid Pro Quo

Most Read Monday Starter- ‘Ko ma lo’

Funny thing is we probably even need to hear it more now- lol. Enjoy

I’m a sucker for one liners- Im sure a few of you have noticed.

Whatever you may think of this declaration ( I seem to have been making quite a few declarations lately: ‘New year junkie’ comes readily to mind), my penchant for short, memorable statements led me to this very interesting Monday starter today.

Here I was, minding my business, at work, when a couple of my co workers began an interesting discussion on the current dollar – naira exchange rate.

On hearing the ‘alarming’ rapid rise of the relative value of the dollar, one of the discussants proceeded to place a phone call to her husband who, I gather, is a businessman.

When she informed him that the value of the dollar had risen and was still going to rise, he delivered the one liner that is the muse for today’s writeup.

‘Ko ma lo’

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I Count The Stars

I remembered this post yesterday and went looking for it- this blesses me every single time I read it. So I’m putting it up again today.

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Abraham; old, white hair all over, can’t even feel an erection

Yet God told him to count the stars, for such will be the extent of his generation

He looks at Sarah, beauty faded, all shrivelled,he looks at her stomach and shudders

Right before he starts to doubt, he steps outside and starts to wonder

Deep in thought, he looks up and right there, were the stars beautiful, innumerable

His seed, his future, his hope, the undoubting belief that God is able

He breaks out in laughter; they cannot understand the joy of a childless old man

Then it happened! The embarrassing, joyful smile of a pregnant old woman

In counting the stars, Abraham gave the unborn son a name

He named him laughter, for in believing God he had faith no doubt could tame

So when it looks like God’s promises will not come to pass

When it looks like I am about to become a farce

I head outside and I count the stars

Then I laugh long and loud because I know I will receive answers

In due time, the seed planted will bring forth fruit

It will be established in my life that my God is a father of truth.

Wale Aladejana

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Minority Report

Like 5 or 6 years ago, (might be even more), I was watching an episode of ‘The Bachelor’. I think it was one of the early episodes of that season because there were still a lot of girls “planning” to find true love with the one guy that had been set up as their target.

Anyway, all the participants were in a bus and suddenly, someone suggests they all confess the craziest places they had had sex.

I can only remember one answer from one of the girls- ‘Oh, I’ve never had sex. I’m waiting till I get married’

The other girls laughed after their initial horror that they actually ha a living and breathing caveman in their midst. The guy rolled his eyes and declared ‘he respected her for it’.

There was only one word for the air around her: Condescension.


The worst part- I looked at her a little condescendingly too. Definitely not because she was a virgin. Most definitely not because I didnt think she had made a smart choice.

I cant explain it, but when someone says something in public that earmarks the person as ‘probably a fanatic’, I sometimes find myself cringeing a little. Whether or not I believe what they are saying. Sometimes. And that day watching the Bachelor was one of those times. Continue reading Minority Report