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Connected Road Trip (Edition 80) In Pictures

So the third ever Connected Road trip was about three weeks ago and it was fuuuuunnnnn.

These are just a few pictures… for the full load- you can visit our Facebook page.

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Connected Radio show in pictures

So the radio show was off the charts! (pun intended). A big shout out to our OAPs. And our turntablist (I hear DeeJay will soon go out of fashion)

We need to do this again. Asap.

These are a few pictures from the studio (lovely innit?) with the live audience.

This is really an awesome year to be Connected. Stop missing out


Have a great day and Stay Connected!

Connected… 2015 in pictures


From frolicking at a beach, to a terrace top exclusive dinner, to karaoke night, to a cycling edition, to a minibreak at Obudu cattle ranch….

Did I mention we had quite a number of weddings? Plus two precious Connected babies?

I wont even get started on DASH and what a huge success it was…

There are more pictures, and even much more words than all the pages of this blog can handle

We can only say:

Thank you Jesus!

Thank you all for being a part of it all.

Let’s make some new memories this year

2016, leggo….

As seen in Connectville…

A student had failed JAMB 5 times.

1 day, she traveled 2 visit her friend in Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU).

She became sick there and was admitted to a hospital. When she called her mom, they had the following conversation

GIRL: Hello ma

MUM: That place is silent, where are you?

GIRL: I’m in OAU

MUM: Oluwa o se o

GIRL: I was admitted

MUM: Jesu o se o, Olorun ti doju ti ogun ile wa ti ko fe kio kawe (laughing & dancing)

GIRL: typhoid fever ni

MUM: typhoid fever  ni course ti won fun e, course gidi ni o, kawe e daadaa o

GIRL: I will be discharged tomorrow

MUM: Olorun ma je, 4 years lo ma lo loruko Jesu.



For those wondering, Connectedville is the Whatsapp group page of the Connected Lagos community.

Have a nice week, all!

‘These testimonies sha’- an interesting conversation at Connectedville


This interesting conversation took place on the Connected Whatsapp Page some days ago.

I thought to share.

Obviously, unnecessary details (like names) have been edited/ removed. I left the abbreviations though… and the Nigerian colloquials.


3:57:56 PM: M: Saw dis in another group and tot it ll be helpful

Taxi please take us to church” the taxi driver looked at Martins and his family and said “your money na 1000 Naira” they haggled back and forth until they agreed at a price.

Martins needed a car badly, he was spending a fortune on taxis and there were times when he and his family would be drenched under the rain because they couldn’t find a taxi. He had been praying about it but nothing seemed to happen until he came across a scripture in the Bible that says Isaiah 61;7 (KJV) For your shame ye shall have double.

Martins had faced a lot of shame for not having a car, many times, water got splashed on him and he had to go back home to change his clothes, he had to rely on friends to pick him up and take him where he needed to go sometimes. It was quite difficult to move around without a car.

When Martins saw that scripture in the Bible, he was excited and he told his wife that they could believe God for 2 cars instead of one car so they started buying things they needed for 2 cars; they got steering covers and a car seat for their baby then they began to thank God for their cars.

Martins wanted 2 Mercedes Benz cars; a black C Class 2010 for himself and a wine GLK 2010 for his wife. Both cars cost a little fortune but the Bible had said they could believe for double! So they believed the Word of God.

Martins was waiting for a taxi one morning when he saw an elderly man trying to change tyres for his car. He approached the man, pulled his suit and helped to change the tyres. The man looked at him and said “my son, I am Dr. Nelson, thank you so much, many people have been passing but you were the only one that stopped, I want to reward you, come to my house”

After work, Martins went to see Dr. Nelson and the man asked what he could do for him, Martins did not know what to say, Dr. Nelson then said, ” I notice you don’t have a car, do you like Mercedes?” Martins’ eyes popped open and he began to tell the man how they had been believing God for two Mercedes Benz cars.

Dr Nelson laughed and said ” your dreams just came true, I am the sole dealer of Mercedes in Nigeria and I have just the 2 cars you want. I will give you the 2 cars.
Martins started crying, Dr. Nelson told him ” you remind me of my son that died 2 years ago and those cars were part of the presents he got as wedding gifts”.

Martins drove the C Class and he got someone to drive the GLK home. His wife saw the cars and said “who are they for?” He handed her the key to her GLK but she didn’t believe until he told her the whole story. Martins and his wife got on their knees and began to praise God for His goodness and mercies.

Beloved, what have you suffered or what are those things that have caused you shame? God said you can believe him for DOUBLE!

Have you been living in a one bedroom for many years? God said you can believe Him for a 3 bedroom,

Have you been relegated at your office for many years? God said you can believe Him for double promotion,

Have you been without children for a long time? God said you can believe Him for twins!

When God comes late, it’s because He wants to come big! Don’t think of how it will happen, don’t think of the circumstances around you just BELIEVE and thank God for DOUBLE. It will happen, wait for it, it’s coming!

#AGratefulHeart #MoretoFollow #ThankYouJesus

4:16:11 PM: F: These ‘testimonies’ sha
4:24:24 PM: TO: Exclusive dealer of Benz in this Nigeria!
4:26:10 PM: F: But really, do you have an idea of a Benz’s total cost of ownership, not even the premium brands.
This testimony will require a sequel of how God miraculously provided

4:32:14 PM: ‪P: What the person who wrote it out forgot is that is that brights mind like F and TO will challenge                                                it
4:42:13 PM: MA: Meanwhile, me I’d have taken the GLK and given wifey the C Class.
4:42:14 PM: OA ‪*thinking* I need to go and wash cloth for Elizade o. It’s time to get that Yaris home mehn!
4:43:24 PM: F: lol @ OA … I can bliv the Yaris testimony later. *later > better
Next thing na, I go come give testimony of how God give my yatch in my current physical state

4:47:44 PM: TO: Ahan!!! E possible o. My neighbour got his Corolla like that.

Someone saw them and gave him and his wife a lift from Obalende to Oshodi and throughout the trip, they                            discussed the bible. The man then invited them to his church, they went and went back to his house…
4:50:29 PM: F: Corolla and Premium benz r 2 diff things. Like I said, I will easily bliv if na Yaris dey there. Corolla is very                                easy to maintain and I bet that your neighbour can afford to maintain it (as hin don pay rent)
4:51:16 PM: TO: When my neighbour was getting married, they invited the man, and he came. A few later, he then asked                              my neighbour to come to his house, and he asked the dude to take his Corolla, the new one, and said                                  dude shd pay 500k for it, when he has the money. No pressure
My neighbour nor even dey pay rent, na hin papa get house
5:17:28 PM: M: In other words, F is saying dt God won’t give u wt u can’t handle
5:38:46 PM: F: @M, exactly! But then again, just my own thots on this matter
I am sure that other people may have differing views and experience that will help me learn
5:47:18 PM: ‪OA: Pls don’t get me wrong o and I think I speak for Fisayo too, I absolutely believe in miracles. Infact I believe                            God for a miracle car this year (incase u have one to sow into my life, I’m a fertile ground)
I just don’t see how/why such enticement as should be used to win people over to Christ

I believe pple should accept Jesus not on the basis on what He can do for them #justmythoughts

Stay Connected!