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Connected January edition… in pictures

Yeah… January just passed by and we are off to a great start to 2016 at Connected.

We went Paintballing last Saturday and it was awesome.

Im putting up a couple of our pre- paint splattered pictures. You’ll have to visit the facebook page in a couple of days to see the ‘war pictures’.

In case you missed it… well you really missed.

The good news is that there are eleven more awesome editions coming your way this year alone.

Visit our facebook page (and like) to find out where and when every single month of the year.

In the mean time,feast your eyes.

Stay Connected!


Connected… 2015 in pictures


From frolicking at a beach, to a terrace top exclusive dinner, to karaoke night, to a cycling edition, to a minibreak at Obudu cattle ranch….

Did I mention we had quite a number of weddings? Plus two precious Connected babies?

I wont even get started on DASH and what a huge success it was…

There are more pictures, and even much more words than all the pages of this blog can handle

We can only say:

Thank you Jesus!

Thank you all for being a part of it all.

Let’s make some new memories this year

2016, leggo….

Reflections of a Connected Traveller | 2

This a sequel of the story that started here

I woke wondering what got Lara so excited. As my eyes cleared I saw it! I am still amazed at the rare beauty of the clouds sitting on these relatively low mountains.

So close to the clouds
So close to the clouds
Resting place of the clouds
Resting place of the clouds
Beauty only God could have created
Beauty only God could have created

Up till that moment, I had never considered that Nature could be this beautiful in Nigeria … and we had not yet gotten to Obudu town. Again, I blame this on living in Lagos for about two-thirds of my life. I had the same feeling on the Connected Road trip to Erin-Ijesha waterfall in Osun and the Ikogosi warm-springs in Ekiti last year. This totally trumped that trip’s beauty. As we drove on, we took loads of pictures – each one getting more spectacular and then came to the simple realization that this wasn’t a stroke of luck … the clouds sit on the mountains perpetually!

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Reflections of a Connected Traveller | 1

Connected Lagos organized a road trip to Calabar in July, 2015. It was a totally amazing trip, we had so much fun and returned safely to Lagos.

But I figure that you are not reading this to hear something as boring as that, so what about I tell you my own version of the trip? Obviously, I can’t recollect the events that happened while I was asleep or almost frustrated during our 25-hour total road time but I do have some pretty good memories. *filing my gist blade*

Like every other fun trip, the day started with so much excitement but I had a different grand plan: last-minute packing, get to the airport early and sleep on the way to Obudu from Calabar. The problem was I did not factor how this would work out with the diverse Connected crowd that came for the trip. At 5.30 am, “Olori oko” Bade gave me a wake up call sounding all excited and wanting to know if I was almost heading out. I had barely even woken up. By the time I was heading out, I got Whatsapp chats from others that had already arrived at the airport. Oh boy, the panic became real … and I still had to make a stop at a woman house Continue reading Reflections of a Connected Traveller | 1

Our Past Connected Editions: Pre-2015

Connected has had 66 editions since its inception a little over 5 years ago- yep, we’ve had one edition every month since we started.

1499612_10151551354409229_140997071_n You can find overviews for many of our past editions on our Facebook Page Notes:

Here are the reviews of some of our previous editions

Now that Connected now has a blog, moving forward, our event reviews will now be available on this platform .

Interested in seeing the loads of pictures? Visit out Facebook page and enjoy.

Stay Connected!