Event Review: Saddle Up 2 – Connected Lagos Edition 110

..” use the bridle in controlling the Horse, ensure you balance well on the saddle, trust the horse, build your confidence and stay focused ”

We had loads of fun at Ikeja Saddle Club on 30th March 2019. It was all about horse riding. There were different species and colours of Horses in the stable.

The strongest breed is the local Breed (proudly Nigeria). They are good for sport and lots of activities. The most beautiful breeds are from the Caribbean and Argentina but very Lazy.

We realized horse riding is an exercise that helps with good overall muscle tone and flexibility, stable strength and increases cardiovascular capacity.

The question ‘what do you do for fun In the introductory section’ made us realized we truly want to have fun but have a lot of constraints. Thanks to Connected Lagos for the beautiful idea, we really had fun. Final Word was ‘how to control our life as we handle our bridle towards right direction’. We prayed for our dear Nation and all Connected family.

Stay tuned for next edition! We are going Kayaking on Saturday, April 27th – Walking on Waters 2

Stay Connected.

– From Esther

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