Connected Edition 109: Limitless Event Review

So February 24 was supposed to be a “beachy” edition. The plan was to go to Lekki Leisure Lake and spend the afternoon there … but then Lagos rains decided to come in all its glory … the weather forecast said it would be all clear by 2pm … so we thought …

The rains didn’t stop … actually it was only drizzling … but going to the beach was no longer an option …

So what did we do? well… Lets just say the rains can’t stop us from having fun at Connected Lagos … We switched locations … we went to Upbeat center @upbeatcentre instead (close to the initial venue) … remember the place … where there are lots of trampolines and jumping up and down …

Fantastic location as always … we still got to test some of our limits … (Edition Theme was Limitless afterall) … Some went up the vertical wall and dropped into the cushion … We even played Dodge ball … on Trampolines … there were no back flips (thank God) … or may be I missed that … by 45 minutes into our 1 hour session … we were all breathless … literally … It was fun!

We hung out for the rest of the time … while catching our breath … Introductions came around this time … (so many rearranging of plans, there was no chance earlier) … and as is our culture … it was different … this edition introduction was “how far you have gone with one of your new year goals” … From the one whose goal was to make a goal … to those who were more or less done for the year 😀 … we had more laughs and generally got to know each other …

Final Word was from Philippians 4:13 … talking about how I can do all things is not just about the positive side of things but also about persevering the not so positive side … life is a cycle after all … oh …we prayed for Nigerian elections too … it was a day after Nigerians voted … In all … I would say it was a fantastic Connected Lagos edition …

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