Infact, you are the rule…

‘Hey Anne’

‘Hi there darling’

‘So I hear your finals are next week, have you started preparing?’

‘Nah… but I will start the moment I finish this really interesting novel I’m reading’

Hmm… but your GPA is really low and you are still a few points shy of graduating with a third class degree’

‘I wont though’

‘You wont what?’

‘End up with a third class or a pass. Infact, I just might  make second class upper’

‘Well, most people with your GPA this late usually end up with a pass. Or a third class’

‘Yeah, I know. But I’m different’

‘Why so?’

‘Third class is not my portion. Pass is not my portion’

‘And adequate preparation is not your portion either, right?’

You are very negative. Get behind me Satan


So obviously this conversation is a little exaggerated. But it happens, in some form or the other.

People take decisions totally opposite to the outcome they seek and believe it will somehow all work out.

‘That obese man that keeps taking junk food came down with diabetes because he was unlucky. My own type of junk eating obesity does not result in diabetes’


Never mind that to be a leader, I need to have better people skills. I’m going to continue with my natural state of difficulty working with people and inspite of that, I’m going to get that great leadership position. And I’m going to rock at it

Why do they day that?

Faith. Grace. God’s promises.


People tend to believe God for the outcome- not for the process. I can believe God that I’ll get the job irrespective of my nonchalant attitude towards excellence. But believing God for an excellent spirit like Daniel…. oooh, too much work. Besides Daniel was working under the law, but me- grace time all the way.

One question- how has that been working for you? Are you the exception, like you think you should be, or are you the  rule of what happens to people that make the choices you are making.

Yet wisdom is vindicated and shown to be right by all her children [by the lifestyle, moral character, and good deeds of her followers].”

Luke 7:35

(The Amplified Bible translation)


Dear friends, do you think you’ll get anywhere in this if you learn all the right words but never do anything? Does merely talking about faith indicate that a person really has it?

James 2:14

The Message Bible translation

I once heard somewhere- ‘It is an irresponsible gospel that puts everything on God, nothing for us to do’

An irresponsible gospel that results in  a life of mediocrity and underachievements.


Food for thought, eh?

Have a great week ahead and Stay Connected!

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