the top 10 things i hate about being single

There i said it- being single, when you dont want to be, can be hard.

I mean, i appreciate being able to come home tired and decide all i will do before going to bed is watch Gilmore girls for like the 4th time. And I appreciate that I have a lot of ‘Me’ time that I can dedicate to the things that are truly important to me. And yes, I really, really appreciate being able to call my family and saying’Hey guys, I got this 10 month opportunity in Tanzania which I really want to explore so… adios amigos’


2 good people are better than one (Bible; 1 chases 1000, 2 chases 10000).

Plus… (I was just about to quote this really great line from ‘Shall We Dance’ but I’ll save it for when I use the quote as the title of one of my writeups- its that awesome)

Plusss. That romance part- i want, i want, i want.

Plussss. Babies.

Plussss. I want to be building my life with someone special. Even if its hard.

Anyway, I’m going to put down the top ten things I hate about being single.

And I’m going to start with…

1.Married people saying marriage is overrated. i hear you. I’m sure you are telling the truth. i just want to enjoy some of the overratings too9a129584d655c414ce51cf0ed415acef2526863f179a06c7a0e6c655d733018c


2. Overthinking it before I call my guy friends.

The overthought out questions be like: ‘Hope his wife doesnt think its funny I’m calling him.’ ‘Hope 10 o clock is not too late to be calling a married man’ ‘Hope he knows I call him so much because I enjoy the chat and dont have to do the wife overthinking part with him, since he is not married”Hope…’

Is this call even going to be worth all the mental energy I’ve just expended?


I hate that

3. Mom’s friends calling out of the blues to ask me what my problem is. ‘Hurry up. We want to tie gele. Is it your career? Are you too choosy? Are you looking down your nose at the guys? How many of them are disturbing you at the moment?’michelleobama-phone


4. Nodding and smiling stupidly to mom’s friends’ questions. You know they mean well and someday you’ll love them to death for caring. But right now, all you can do is nod and smile stupidly. And reassure them that’s it soon.


5. Looking wistfully at cute couples in church. Not the ones in matching lace/ankara- its the ones that colour coordinate to the fleeking level. His navy blue fila matches her shoes. Or those ones that wear matching tee shirts with cute inscriptions (like ‘Geeks R Us’).         Nothing bad about that? Well, the person sitting next to you eventually notices your wistful looks and shifts. Two seats away.

‘Se eleyi gbadun sha?’seem to be written on his forehead.cat_2-png-copy

I hate that

6. When you have booked like 6 children as little bride but you keep mentally unbooking and verbally booking new ones because they keep growing out of your ‘little bride angel’ look.

This one is very heartbreaking. I’m even in one sticky situation now that i’ve been trying to untangle myself from. This six year old girl apparently remembers the promise I made her when she was barely 4… and keeps reminding me.

Please forget now…


7. Difficulty making some long term plans– trying to remain flexible. Seriously, if i have to make one more ‘what if’ and ‘flexible’ decision… well, there’s nothing I will do except make it. Lol. It has lots of advantage though… and it looks great on my cv and life memoirs.


But sometimes. I just hate it.

8. This one- its not easy to say. I’ll say it anyway.

Hearing the testimony of someone who waited and waited and waited o, till they were 21, then God sent them their dream spouse.

We know it was very hard. Very very hard. And we know age is just a number. But you just made us feel like… We cant even explain how you made us feel. Next time, just skip the age darling. Tenkyiu


9. Having the same bowl of soup for 3 weeks.

Sounds funny? When you first make the soup- you are happy. You are set for at least 10 days. Fast forward 2 weeks- you are tired of it. But it’s still there. And it’s plenty. Plus, everyday you open the freezer, the same soup is staring at you like ‘elemi l’oma last’ You ignore it and make other things. New recipes. You even become a vegetarian for a few days. But that soup (plus others you’ve acquired along the way) keeps smirking at you.

And now, people think you are weird when you open the fridge and avoid eye contact with the things inside.


The moral of the story is eating is more fun (for me) when more people are involved. And the soup finishes fast. And nothing lasts longer than 10 days (arbitrary number)

So I hate that

10. At this really nice restaurant  where you vexed and took yourself. And ordered the chef’s special 4 course meal. And that guy playing the saxophone… he is just killing it. And you are perfectly content in that moment. And you are thanking God for life.

Then 15 minutes later- you are bored. And the food hasnt yet arrived. Plus Mr saxophone walked to the other end of the restaurant and you can barely hear him. Then you bring out your phone and go to facebook. And its your ex’s birthday. And you wish him happy birthday because you guys were wrong for each other and you are totally cool now.

Except he was really good company. Fantastic company even. And you are bored. And alone. And it would have been really good to have someone to talk to in this really nice restaurant.


I hate that.

I think these might just be my top ten. Minus the other things I didnt write here. Definitely written from the ‘She’ point of view. The guys’ problems are slightly different- or so I hear. Maybe some of them will like to spill the beans

Have a nice weekend ahead!

And Stay Connected!

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1 thought on “the top 10 things i hate about being single

  1. wow. this is interesting. you know funny enough I can relate with some of them… if I tag a single friend now it will be trouble… so I’m going to enjoy this one alone.

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