Empire of Lies

Now that I’ve written out the title, I dont even feel like writing anything anymore.

I mean, how cool is the phrase ‘Empire of Lies’.

(I told y’all I have a thing for one liners. And New years. And digressing.)

Anyway, I was strolling on the streets of twitter, minding my own business, when I saw a quote that is still blowing my mind right now.

Truth is treason in an empire of Lies

George Orwell

For those of us that have read or watched Medieval books and films on some empires of old, you know that treason was an any attempt to destroy the structure of that civilization. Most times it was by propagating a belief that could ruin the power of authority that rulers had. Sometimes it was by betraying secrets to the enemies of that civilization.

Whatever it was, treason was not a joke.

The penalty involved chains and dungeons and ‘off with his heads’.

One of the ways for a king(who is a mere man) to exert authority  over other men, much more in number than him, is to give them a belief  system structure which is hinged on the premise that the king is right.

Anything threatens this is labelled as treason.

So a treason really has little to do with right or wrong. Or truth or lie.

Anything can be treason.

Even truth. Even right. Even good. Even fair.

It all depends on the ‘political truth of the moment’

Pilate saith unto him, What is truth?

John 18:38a

And the system will always fight treason. Always.

Always and always.


Can you believe that at some point, it was treason to say twins should not be killed (in some parts of Nigeria), or that black people should learn to read, or that women should vote?

 The traditional empires of old may be gone- but the power and control play of ‘world powers’ remain.

The world would love you if you belonged to it; but you don’t—for I chose you to come out of the world, and so it hates you

John 15:19

The Living Bible

If a person comes out to declare ‘I cant be sick’or ‘I cannot be poor’, it causes a reaction. Sounds like treasonable words to utter in a world where we were brought up to believe that ‘anything can happen to anyone’.

Or another says that ‘In 1 year, I will go from absolutely nothing to being a major player on the international scene’- we immediately have examples of people that worked all their lives and didnt even get to the level that the person in question is saying he will get to.

Worse still, is if a christian says ‘This is sin’. Then all hell breaks loose.

We have the word of God- truth that stands and remains, through empires and eons and wait… eternity.

Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away

Matthew 24:35

King James Version

It doesnt matter what the general reaction to the Word of God is.

It doesnt matter what ‘all pervading’ lie you’ve bought in to since whenever

Never be far away from the Word of God. It is real anchor to our souls and the lighthouse we can always trust to take us to our expected journey’s ends.

Have a nice week ahead and Stay Connected!

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