That Classy Jesus Look… for the ladies

The church is one place i am always excited to be- it gathers all classes in a room.

You might wanna spice up your looks, make people see that God has been good to you, afterall some people only get to see you in church.

The best way to look on a Sunday morning is classy! Leave the cheap, expensive, casual, corporate etc looks for Monday to Saturday.

And it doesnt take being extremely rich to look classy!

Here are some tips that would help… and remember It isn’t always what you wear that makes you look classy; it’s how you wear it.

Capture1.  Choose styles or fashions that suit you!

That one you like may look great on that young, slim celebrity… but be honest- will that style really suit you?

When you wear an outfit that is really not you- you will not be able to carry yourself with the dignity that was intended.

There are lots of styles out there- get a catalogue and start looking.

2) Don’t mix styles!

One of the greatest errors that women make is mixing the styles or designs and destroying the fashionable effect that would otherwise make it classy.

Don’t choose two entirely different outfits and then wear a piece of each one.

Choose one fashion at a time and wear it the way it was designed.

*this rule applies to church only,and maybe work*


3) Wear the entire outfit!

The designers know how that sash was supposed to be worn with that outfit so don’t eliminate it or improvise.

Wear the whole thing.

4) Match your hairstyle/hairpiece  with your outfit.

Many churches today do not lay emphasis on hair covering, regardless of that you should note that your classic sunday look is incomplete without a hair piece.

If you are going traditional, find a complimentary colour of head gear  (will do a post on colours later).

Pair an english dress with a facinator or hat,they speak volumes. Do not use a scarf.

Treat your hair with the same fashionable approach as your outfit.

5) Wear the appropriate jewelery.3

There are a lot of fashionable pieces of jewelery out there but some pieces do not bond well with some outfits.

Colorful plastic beads,chandelier and other loud jewelries can destroy the classy effect of an outfit.

Keep it low. Do more studs of different sizes.

6) Wear the appropriate footwear.

You may be one of those people who can’t wear the delicate heals and sandals that would otherwise bring class to the outfit.

But there are shoes you can wear that can still be a classy complement without being too delicate. Court shoes, low pumps and sandals (not a 6″ heels) are great for church.

You can do your 6″ to parties.*I wear 4.5″ #dontjudgeme


7) Walk with grace and sophistication.

You don’t have to keep your nose in the air and your baby finger pointed outwards. But you need to walk with smooth, even steps and without waving your arms back and forth.

Your clothes shouldn’t be flying around, your chest shouldn’t be bouncing up and down and your hair should remain in place.

You know, classy.

8) Talk softly and mind your grammar.

Don’t yell when you’re talking. It’s a church and not a club or a newspaper stand. Don’t interrupt others when they are talking and do not use swear words or profanity.

A classy person speaks loud enough to be heard and uses only good language.

You will be surprised at how much your speech can affect your looks.

You don’t have to have the perfect shape or be a particular age to be classy. It’s not your size or age that gives you the appearance of elegance. It’s what you wear, how you wear it and how you present yourself that makes you look classy.

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