Boju Boju…..2


I have lost track of time,
I swapped tracking how long it will take you to find me,
For if you will ever find me.

First I made sure I couldn’t be found,
Am I not making this too difficult?
Then I let the crown of my shoe show,
Do I change my location?
And then I changed location,
Sneaking…….really hopeful you would catch me in transit.

I can’t hear footsteps anymore
I induced choking,
No one came to my rescue.

I know how I worked hard to find you,
I knew I wanted to get you,
Did you give up on me?
Did I take this too far?
Should I just become the seeker?
Would you be glad I found you instead?

Then there would be no scream,
No pure laughter
No excitement,

Just realization that you gave up,
I wasn’t worth the chase,
A lesson never to form “hard to get”
The fact that boredom led you to me,
that you don’t have to find me,
And that the game ends when you are tired.

1 thought on “Boju Boju…..2

  1. Aw. .. Sort of sad…reminds me of a girl that was forming hard to get for me….and then I moved on… only for her to be mortally wounded. .. apparently…she was enjoying the chase…

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