Cheering for the wrong team


I’m a tennis and basketball fan. I love those games.

I cant tell you how many times I have lost sleep, staying up till the wee hours of the morning, watching some must-not-miss-matches, no thanks to the time zone difference.

The next question you want to ask me is ‘What’s your team?’ And I do have a team.

Everyone has a team.

When the basketball team I support, or my tennis hero wins, I make noise about it everywhere. Some of my colleagues  have even gotten a free meal or two during these celebrations.

The big question is, am I putting that much mental energy, emotion and dedication into the things of my own life?

Do I keep hope, when there is only just the slimmest glimmer of chance, when I’m the one in the playing field- not someone else? When I’m talking about my own dreams, do I believe in them enough to raise my voice, get worked up and even get upset at dissenting views of the actual worth of the dream?

Have I been this loyal to myself?

If you asked yourself these same questions that I did and answered ‘No’ to any of them, you may be cheering for the wrong team (did anyone think the Super Eagles were the wrong team I was referring to?)

I’ve learnt something in biology- it is possible to trick your body system. An example, the body releases stress relieving hormones when you laugh. Whether it is a fake laugh or a real laugh, the body can not distinguish. If you need to relieve stress and you fake a deep belly rumble- it’ll do the trick.

The same thing goes for success.

The hormone released is the same whether you win in a life challenge, or a game of tetris or it is ‘your team’ that has won.

You can literally be basking in the success of another person and it does not feel like that success doesn’t actually belong to you.

It is possible to feel more successful and more accomplished than you really are. No joke!

The only thing is that while your body can be fooled- life cant.

If I say ‘We’ve won 17 NBA championships’, life asks me ‘Where are your championship rings? Where’s your trophy? Who exactly is “We”?’ No matter how much I cheer on the Boston Celtics (they are really awesome, by the way), their victory is not actually mine. I can be ecstatic about it, but it was them. Not me.

And much later, when I am giving account of what I did with my life, God also knows the difference.

This goes beyond sports- video games, mentors, friends, our pastors, even public figures we have never met… anything and anyone can be ‘famzed’ with.

Why do we do it though? Why do we cheer on others, while doing much less for our own lives… It is easier!!! No actual responsibilities and the rewards (mentally) are the same.

But we were made for so much more than witnesses and cheerleaders to the greatness of others.

Cheer your life’s purpose louder than any team’s or other person’s.

Have a great weekend everyone!

2 thoughts on “Cheering for the wrong team

  1. Up shooting !!! (Just joking)
    I am not really a football fan… and you just gave me one more reason not to be …He he he…
    The key being I now need to cheer more for me at least mentally…

    Liked by 1 person

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